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sukicalmkitMeg here to apologize! I am filming a big beauty “Valentine’s Day” MUST HAVE product show with Patti Stanger from Millioaire Matchmaker today and have devoted the last few days to getting products and making this segment great! I have been crazy but will be back on schedule this week! Here I am bringin you another amazing Sweetassgal post!

In the eighties there was a deodorant advertisement where famous people talked about the three “nevers” in their business and boasted their ultimate never…”Never let em’ see you sweat”.  As all good advertising does, this has stuck with Sweetassgal through the ages.  It says to me, never let them see something is bothering you.  Keep your cool at all times and for god sakes don’t show it on your face.  Fortunately B.O. has never been a concern of mine (unless I’m trying out a new natural deodorant…still no luck there) but I do suffer from a different form of public embarrassment that constantly betrays my secrets.  I…am a Red Face.  

Through a combination of mild rosacea, a propensity for pinkish Welsch/German skin and a family history of fellow red-facer’s I have been cursed to forever show every reaction I have through the flushing of my red skin.  Get embarrassed or emotional….BAM I’m a tomato.  Eat spicy food and get too hot…rojo city.  Work up even the TINIEST bit of sweat working out or God forbid dancing…I’m the girl they are all watching to see if I’ll need CPR soon.  It’s humiliating and I hate it.  I haven’t taken a decent picture in years because I’m perpetually hot and therefore I always look like the bottom end of a thermometer.  If I never have to have a damn camera in my face again documenting my humiliation (and then immediately uploaded to Facebook) it would be too soon.  I hate it THAT much.

So what is a girl to do?  Well, if I had my way no where I went would ever be over 60 degrees and all photo’s would be taken with a hurricane force fan blowing in my face!  Considering the fact that just about everyone I know is a skinny little thing and therefore perpetually COLD I can safely say that isn’t going to happen.  I look at it this way…the skinnies can always put on another sweater or some thicker socks if it’s too cold but I can only take off so many clothes in public before it’s indecent and let’s face it…illegal…so hot has got to be out!

Testing societal moray’s with regards to public nudity aside…I have to turn to the world of makeup to ease my red faced woes.  An offering from the Suki god’s has me at least thinking there is some light at the end of the tunnel…and that light AIN’T red people.  Bow-chika-bow-bow!

Suki beauty products offer a variety of trial kits which I just LOVE!  Who wants to shell out boo koo bucks on some schmancey “system” only to find out it isn’t right for you?  I don’t and I’m sure you hate it too.  So when I set out trying Suki’s Complete Care for Calm Skin 4 Step sample box I was elated.  No big commitment and just enough time to see how it works.  The kits boasts generous sample sizes of the exfoliate foaming cleanser (LOVE this…we all do and I’m not ashamed to say I’ve actually eaten it…YUM!), a concentrated balancing toner, a balancing lotion, two free samples and drum roll please…Pure Facial Moisture oil!  It’s the last that I am reviewing today because I believe it has done the most truly help calm my skin.

I began using this just after Thanksgiving and for test purposes I’ve concentrated on my left cheek only (see what I suffer for you all…going around half dermally applied) just to measure results.  I’m not saying this has cured my red face or my rosacea but I can say without a doubt that the overall redness of this area has been diminished.  Stretching out the vile I’ve used just a spare amount and I believe this has been a key factor in my fight.  Enriched with completely vegan and organic ingredients, this lovely little oil just sinks in to my skin without feeling heavy or oily.  The scent is pure calming delight and I can feel good about my choice knowing that no nasty chemicals are seeping their way in to my system.

Here’s what they say about their pure facial moisture –

what a 100% clean, rich, breathable, luxuriously replenishing oil concentrate
who normal, combination to dry, specially formulated for mature skin & rosacea skin types
key actives beta carotene / pro-vitamin a (organic carrot), omega oils & fatty acids (organic evening primrose) & flavonoids (organic rosehip)
solves restores strength & stability, deeply hydrates, locks in moisture without clogging or a greasy feel, promotes elasticity, fights free radicals, signs of aging & external stress

The “external stress” fighter is key for me because that’s what my red face is really all about.  The external effects of heat, spicy food, emotions…all play their nasty little games out on my face.  Suki’s soothing and natural products are my defense against a world that would have me spending the rest of my days looking like Beelzebub himself.  Thanks to Suki I’m looking a little less red devil and leaning more towards bashfully flushed.  I’d say that’s an improvement.  GLAM ON!!!!

Who here has finally got the message and is ready to take the plunge and try some SUKI!

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