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sukitonerDo you ever wake up and look in the mirror only to say loudly to no one in particular, “What the HELL is going on with my skin??” Yes, there are morning Goddess Granny wishes she had not even stumbled over to the vanity. It’s like you go to bed all washed and clean, lightly covered in a luscious healing or moisturizing cream or deep soothing serum. Then some sort of evil, high-heel wearing skin-gremlin decides to tap dance on your face while you’re sleeping! Splotches, bumps, weird little spots and literally a road map of skin “what not to see’s” can and do happen in spite of one’s best intentions!

I think the heat of this Summer has wrecked a LOT of havoc on our precious skin in many ways. The least of which is to cause more oiliness on our faces and more dryness on our bodies. As a result, the worst possible conditions for anyone to try and keep their precious face protected and calm! It has been a daily  occurrence for many and I for one am waging war against these skin gremlins of the night!

I would be hard-pressed to suggest that it even GETS any better than the line of skincare products created by SUKI! SUKI:100% pure organic and “purpose driven” products created with integrity and conscious that WORK. They truly deliver results that have set SUKI far apart and above many of the rest because these products are not only divine in formulation and results, they smell amazing, are packaged brilliantly and beautifully and are some of the most unique and luxurious formulations available at any price! I adore SUKI products and every time I try something new, I feel the need to trash my bathroom counter and replace everything all at once with nothing but SUKI fabulousness!

I am not a “toner girl” as a rule. Usually I wash and asses what damage the gremlins have done overnight before carefully choosing a primer and foundation for the day…sunblock is a given. It just always seemed like “one more step” to dampen a cotton ball and do the toner wipe but after using SUKI “Concentrated Balancing Toner” I am a convert for life! This generous and high quality glass bottle (I personally LOVE products packaged in glass because it preserves the inert and active ingredients MUCH better than plastic!) Topped with a steady and convenient spray-pump contains an essence of soothing white willow bark, aloe vera and rose for softness and natural vitamin C. Salicylic acid to reduce inflammation and redness also relieves “spots” and calms and rejuvenates ALL skin types particularly those with oily or irritated skin and it’s wonderful used after sun exposure as well because it’s so pure and gentle!

A spritz (and it expels a very light mist..) of this beautiful toner and a couple of minutes give your skin a calmness and smooth finish and you can really notice the tone becoming more even and any of the gremlin-related uglies are reduced in record time! It’s vegan and a toner than isn’t typical in the fact that it contains high potency organic botanicals which not only heal the skin but actually strengthen it and give it what is needed to fight those skin gremlins! I LOVE spritzing this on before makeup and use it as a refresher during the day because my skin feels cleaner and looks nicer with every use! The scent is fresh and clean and very faintly herbal like many SUKI products, nothing artificial or loaded with preservatives and it seems to also have a calming effect on my mood as well!Kiss It’s a pick me up in an elegant bottle than is a MUST HAVE not only for Summer for for great skin anytime!

Buy it here the SUKI site is so classy and the products unique and carefully presented, I just want everything on the site!

It’s one of the few sites where you can get TONS of great skin care information and truly customize which products you might want to try for your specific needs and skin type! The luscious Kate Dillion is “the face” of SUKI and her skin? Shut the door….she is perfection!

I can honestly say that this “Concentrated Balancing Toner” has gently misted it’s way into my heart: my skin seems to really appreciate the beautiful organics and it will be a staple for me for a long time to come! Do you use toner as a rule in your skincare routine? Isn’t it nice to be able to just spritz and let that light mist transport you to a pretty place for a few seconds rather than having to toss a “Is that DIRT?” cotton ball away? This is yet another HUGE win for SUKI and me!

We love Suki over here at and she is so natural and easy to find (Whole Foods!) Who else is a SUKI fan?

Buy It Here!

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