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sugarpillGoddess Granny here! After a dull brown “Winter” in South Texas, I’m finally starting to see LOTS of color again: fresh green leaves, bluebonnets in the fields so bright it hurts to stare at them, delicate pink blossoms on the peach tree…Every where I look there’s another amazing shade to inspire and delight me! I am motivated and soothed by color and very little thrills me more than when it’s used to enhance or create something beautiful especially if it’s a woman! Who can forget Scarlett O’Hara’s green velvet dress or Julia Robert’s glam red frock in “Pretty Woman?” And don’t even get me started on the eye-candy that is Sofia’s Coppola’s artistic vision of “Marie Antoinette”, her movie of the same name, such a riot of feminine colors to grab the senses that I swoon when I watch it,Kiss!

Hell…who am I kidding,I get all giddy at Home Depot while browsing paint chips, I ADORE color and few things in this life are as influential as I see it.So when I happened upon a new to the market (but not to the world of design!) line of eyeshadow-products that actually sent me spinning in the same way. I knew that everything would be changing: the browns, beiges and greys of the darker-months have been rudely shoved to the back of my vanity to make way for pure colors in THE prettiest most luxurious packaging I’d seen in a long time…Art in itself if you will!

“Sugarpill Cosmetics” is the name of one of THE most exciting lines in the world of beauty that I’ve been fortunate to discover: created my Amy Doan (who herself is a work of art!) and an expansion of her successful line of “Shrinkle” clothing: she believes that “no awesome ensemble is complete without a glamorous face” and wanted something that would represent her unique stylish brand as well as enhancing the eyes of her fearless fans: her eyeshadows are totally incredible, absolutely original,and you simply have to experience the excitement of opening a box from Amy to realize what true quality inspired by a love of color and fashion REALLY can be all about!

There are two kinds of shadows available, a pressed powder and a loose pigment: when I tell you that NO eyeshadow I have ever used “does and acts” like these products do,I don’t say it lightly.They are so gorgeously color-infused and rich, blendable and long lasting that I am in awe after wearing them all weekend long!  There are single pressed shadows and also 3 “quads” available as well a selection of loose pigment shadows that defy convention in their depth of color and after receiving my order,I want one of everything, PLEASE!  I have the quad in “Burning Heart”  it takes like 3 light taps with a shadow-brush to collect enough shadow to perfectly makeup an eye.The colors might look rather bold and  even a bit un-wearable in the pan but they blend out to the most flattering colors I’ve ever worked with,they are perfect! The loose pigments take a bit more from the user as all loose products can BUT the payoff is as good as you could imagine: glistening rich mulit-toned color that actually already contains an adhesive ingredient to insure that they stay just as beautiful at 2:00 am as they were when you applied them! I have “Magpie”, Absinthe”, and “Goldilux” I simply cannot decide which is “best” because they’re all so damn gorgeous on! There’s not another loose pigment shadow that I’ve tried (note: get rid of all other pigment in vanity drawer to make room for more:) that performs like these! Amy really hits it out of the ballpark with her bunch of yummy colors!

Excellent value as well, Amy is very generous with her product for price!

It would take the space of another post to RAVE about the presentation and packaging Amy has designed: brilliant colors, fabulous graphics, VERY high quality compacts and mirrors in the quads: her slogan of “Addicted to Pretty” is as contagious and fun as the looks this line of bold and brilliant allow even the more color-intimidated among us to create with ease! Y’all know by now I have NO poker face and cannot tell a lie: “Sugarpill” knocks me to my knees and I’ve been low bowing to this delicious new Queen of Color and her creations since I stalked the PO for my package! You’ll be delighted as soon as you open the box, this I can promise!

Stalk and Gawk at my new “I’ll simply die if I don’t get more” new BFF of eyeshadows here on the ever so pretty, cool, and FUN “Sugarpill” website!

Who else is DONE with Beige and Grey and Blaah! Who else is ready to bring on the color and the brightness and beauty?!

SugarPill! Check it out here!

LOVE that $5.00 flat rate shipping Kiss

Did I mention that “Sugarpill” was the official makeup of Sanrio’s 35th huge “Hello Kitty”party as well? WOW! Although it’s a new line Darlin’s, I think it’s THE one to watch and it’ll be such fun to see how it all evolves!

If I can embrace this much awesome color,you can too! The blues are next in line to be on my eyes! Tell us what you love about color and which colors make you giddy as well!

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