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Sugar Tropic Tan And Sugar Tropic Tan Blush & Bronzer Duo

Sugar Cosmetics sent us a combo of different items to try. Maybe you got the All Bronzer. Mayber you got the Blush/Bronzer Duo. Maybe you were lucky enough to win the jack-pot and also get their fantastically handy Body/Bronze/Blush brush. I have to go on record that I am confused with make-up trends right now. Specifically the TAN trend. Who am I kidding? A “healthy” tan has never been out of fashion. Being all Irish I have had to come up with different ways to make this “healthy” tan look au natural. If I sit out in the sun my color is the always chic “lobster red”. I have self-tanner in sprays and creams. I have subjected myself to a human car paint job where I am sprayed at The Sunset Tan for some color. I have even paid top dollar for a woman to air-brush me (much like a carnival t-shirt) as I stand there freezing and buck-naked for some bronze tones. Tanning beds? Check. Tanning Showers? Check. Orange hue human looking for some love? Check Check.
Nicole Kidman is pale, right? She’s hot, right? O.K. Maybe not hot. Maybe pale and perfect porcelain skin. She has the title for pale and beautiful. The rest of us? Not so much. I believe our title is “pale and s ickly looking”. Can our quest for a healthy glow be answered by this compact? The packaging is beautiful, this is obvious. Is your packaging as fantastic with a few strokes from the SUGAR? Are you a healthy, sun-free, bronze baby with 30 seconds of work with this product? Or were you an alien mutant sent from the planet faux tan? Ladies please post your sun-kissed findings!

$ Sugar Cosmetics Tropic Tan $

$ Sugar Cosmetics Tropic Tan Blush & Bronzer Duo $

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