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stivesgreenteaStacy B here!  We spend a lot of time talking about stuff we put on our face to make us look prettier, younger, more awake, more exotic, or just the best version of ourselves. But what about what we use to take it all off? Any artist will tell you, a clean canvas is the first step to a masterpiece! How we treat our skin goes a long way in helping us looking our best. Leaving makeup on all night is a big no-no, we all know that, and so is wearing too much and suffocating your skin, or not getting it completely off. A good face wash should be an essential product in everyone’s arsenal, no matter how much or how little makeup you wear. Get that gunk off, let your skin breathe!
We live in a polluted world, unfortunately, and even with the ‘green’ movement taking off, there are still a lot of chemicals and pollutants that get into our skin, strip away natural oils, age us, and clog pores. Whether through purposeful application, or by simply walking down the street, our skin takes a beating and taking care of it should be top priority.
Speaking of the ‘green’ movement, who out there loves green tea? I drink it almost daily and I love it. It offers so many natural antioxidants and health boosters all without scary chemicals. If you love it like I do, you may notice that it’s started to creep it’s way into beauty products, too. This week’s product is St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Cleanser. I was hooked as soon as I saw it was infused with green tea (yes, before I even tried it, I’m a marketing exec’s dream). I knew green tea had natural health benefits as a drink, but I didn’t realize that the antioxidants in the tea were proven redness reducers, fighters of free radicals and has moisturizing qualities, too. You’ve got to watch out for those those nasty little radicals, they can age your skin faster!
It’s a big bottle for around $5-6 and you don’t need to use that much. It lathers well and smells fresh and light. It almost has a light citrus-y smell, not too overpowering and maybe a hint of floral in there, too…? I’m not the best scent detective. I do know that the first time I used it I immediately commented to my husband on how natural and sweet it smelled, without being too earthy. He agreed. Well, he looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language and smiled and nodded. That’s an agreement in my book.
After a few days, some light acne I had developed from a chocolate and stress-filled holiday season complete with a moisture sucking blizzard the day after Christmas was gone. My skin was so smooth, clear and light. I still needed moisturizer, but I live in a winter climate so I don’t think there’s a product in the world with enough moisturizing elements in it to cure my dry skin in the middle of January! I have read up on some of the reviews of this and it’s gotten a ton of positive reviews from people with sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, dry skin and oily skin. Yup, that’s just about everyone. My skin was soft all day and I really felt that every ounce of makeup I had on was gone.
I don’t think I’ve switched my face wash since high school, but this Naturally Clear Green Tea cleanser may have permanently bumped my Clean & Clear Acne Wash from it’s perma-spot in my bathroom. I can’t wait to use this in the summer when my dry skin is back to normal and I can see how it works on an oily T-zone in a humid heat wave. I bet it performs beautifully!

Who else swears by St. Ives products?

Available at drugstores everywhere!

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