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Meg and I’ve moved into a new place and I’ve called Time Warner but they haven’t come by yet so I don’t have internet! I know, I’m like a fish out of water and have been having to drive to my old house to use the DSL so I apologize if you’ve been getting your Megsmakeup notices at random times! Aaargh.

Well, we’ve already hashed out here how everybody and their mother had a tub of St. Ives Apricot Scrub growing up. It seems that St. Ive’s has been given a face lift! The prices are still affordable but they’ve really snazzed up the line and according to the fantastic company, their ingredients are “All Natural!” So I guess that makes the Green Cut.

Their new packaging is definitely lux looking and now they have products with ultra modern claims. Terms like “Microdermabrasion” “Warming Scrub” and “Moisture Enriched Cleanser” are proving that St. Ives is ready for the new millenium.

This new, fantastic line made its debut in March and is already flying off the shelves. I would have asked Rachael to write this up as a drugstore deal but for some reason CVS did not pick up the Elements line -it can be found on

When we did our mailing the ladies all clamored to try this product as much as the other high-end ones we had out on the table. Some women find the St. Ives Apricot Scrub to be too harsh for their delicate facial skin, St. Ives heard you. They responed by toning down the harshness and coming out with their new Elements Microdermabrasion scrub filled with finely milled crystals, chamomile and vitamin E-Sound fantastic? It’s $7.99!
The Elements Olive Cleanser is getting strong word of mouth as a great blemish controller that fights the oily T-Zone while doing wonders for combo skin-Awesome, right? It’s $7.99!

There are 5 products to this new, hip St. Ives and yup, all about $7.99!

The ladies are going to tell you what they got and what they though about each item.

Don’t you love when going Green helps you save some in your wallet? Please let us know your thoughts on the new Elements by St. Ives line!

St. Ives Elements-Buy It Here

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