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SoUniversallyCleanMissRo here and yes, that’s the title of Cosminology’s cleanserWink. I am extremely picky about the type of cleanser I use. I have been using Juice Beauty’s Green Apple Cleansing Gel for almost a year now and I love it! However, the other day I ran out and honestly I was too lazy to go to Sephora to replenish it. So, I thought perfect timing to try Dr. Dima’s cleanser.

I first used their Global Debris Remover Get Cosmically Naked makeup remover to take off all my makeup and then used the cleanser. It’s a non-foaming botanical antioxidant wash. It is more of a cream cleanser so it is extremely gentle and really effective for removing debris and impurities without stripping your skin of its moisture. You can either wash off the cleanser or use a cloth to take off the cleanser and then finish by splashing your face with cool water to close your pores. I always use toner no matter what just to make sure all my makeup and dirt is off. It’s also a refreshing feeling before putting on moisturizer.

So Universally Clean You Can Eat Off My Face has Vitamin E, lavender essential oil and aloe synergistically combined to soothe and replenish moisture to your skin, leaving it ultra soft and clean. Lavender Essential Oil is a detoxifying botanical that has tremendous antiseptic and natural antibiotic skin benefits. Aloe Vera is a highly regarded botanical, the ultimate gift from nature to calm skin inflammation and redness, while soothing and moisturizing. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and free-radical fighter that helps boost skin’s defense against environmental damage.

So, if you are a gel cleanser kind-of-gal, I am not sure if this is the cleanser for you. If you are a cream cleanser kind-of-gal this is definitely the cleanser for you! I will say this, even if you like gel cleansers and you live in a cold climate, I would change to a cleanser like this, because gel cleansers can really strip the skin of its moisture. In the winter, you want to keep your skin as moisturized as possible, because very dry, flaky skin can create wrinkles and no one wants that.

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Are you a gel cleanser girl or a cream cleanser girl? Do you have a favorite cleanser?

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