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Remember when your mother told you to that soap and water were the magic ingredients to a sparkly face? What ever happened to that? Why was she such a liar? I’m up to my neck in products (no pun intented). I use my face scrub in the shower. I pat my face dry out of it. I add a serum. I add a moisturizer. I add a sunscreen. That’s 3 steps and 10-15 minutes with drying time people! I thought that was enough! Then “Foundation Primer” arrives. I had to read the directions to even know what “Foundation Primer” does. Is it like that time I wanted to paint my bathroom’s walls back from red to beige? The Sherman Williams clerk insisted I use their “primer”. Guess what? That worked. Cherry Red to Muted Desert no problem. Was it the primer? Can my face go from uneven cherry red to muted desert or atleast to a smooth alabaster beige with a foundation primer? Is it really “All You Need is Primer? Primer’s All You Need”? From the cult status this product has quickly acheived it seems to be so. Here’s what the SMASHBOX site claims..”Create the perfect canvas for foundation application with our best-selling PHOTO FINISH FOUNDATION PRIMER. with grapeseed extract to soothe and protect skin, this oil-free, colorless formula fills in fine lines and pores to help skin appear visibly softer with a smooth velvet finish. use after moisturizer and before foundation for complexion perfection”. Meg’s Make-Up Tester’s, what did you find? Primer=Perfection? Please post your thoughts!!

$ Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer 0.93 oz $

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