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Meg here! I’m really sorry there were not fresh posts up this weekend! I’ve had a heck of a time with my computer. Working on getting it fixed and I’ll be adding the weekends content up this week.

Sleeping Beauty-it was never my favorite fairytale, although when my insomnia acts up I think it must be so great to be in a dead sleep just from pricking your finger.

While we sped time slathering on every night cream and moisturizer before we hit the hay, the bedding companies have decided they want in on our nightly beauty rituals.

Has anyone tried Skin Glow? Skin Glow sells at Bed Bath & Beyond. They’re pillows and comforters infused with copper. The claim is “The copper-infused fabric has natural deodorant properties that reduce odor-causing bacteria, fungus and microbes, and may even rejuvenate the look of skin”. They say all you need to do is sleep in the nude and these pillows and comforters with rejuvenate you. Has anyone out there sprung for them and seen any difference? I’m really wondering because with difficult instructions like “just go to sleep nude” I think I can follow that routine.

What about Aloe Vera Pillows?  they talk of how Aloe Vera is very good for the skin and promotes a better “energy and balance.” Have any of you gone the Aloe Vera Pillow route? I’m wondering how you wash these.

The Face Saver Pillow has made its way to my bed. It’s a crescent shaped pillow that almost reminds me of those travel pillows that you see sold in airport gift shops. It claims to prevent aging because The Face Saver Pillow curves around your head, allowing the pillow to bear the weight of your head, rather then your face. The average head weighs 7-10 pounds,any amount of weight pulling on your face for hours creates the muscles to breakdown and accelerates facial aging.

 I have been using my Face Saver Pillow and just like my botox at 27, I am hoping it is preventative. Basically, you put all of your head weight on the pillow so your face doesn’t take it. It is comfortable but I wasn’t able to sleep with it every night. I’m not able to moisturize every night either though.

In the pursuit of beauty I am sure their is someone out there reading this that have tried some of these ant-aging bedding products and had some thoughts on how they’re working for them. I read the Face Saver Testamonials and women on there were raving on how it helped get rid up “pillow lines” and neck pain.

Megsmakeup has been funny lately. We’ve had hints of smearing preparation H on your body and then sleeping with it while wrapped in saran wrap (to get rid of cellulite for the day). Could it really be as easy as just shopping in the right aisle at Bed Bath & Beyond.

We have 2 Face Saver Pillows to send out. We are picking 2 winners and per Jeanasina’s  suggestion- I will post publicly who the 2 winners are at the end of today!

What’s your best night time secrets? Hints? Regimen? Share your brilliance and win a pillow that will save your face!!Kiss

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