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sleekskin renewHi everybody! Did most of you watch the 2010 Grammy Awards on Sunday? Holy Smokin’ Freakin’ Hot Performances! I’m still randomly coping with bacteria-faces-R-US illness junk but that didn’t stop me from totally cranking up my sound system and gyrating on my couch as I watched the fantastic performances on my large screen TV Sunday night! Before we begin, go strap on your sleek exoskeleton-like gowns (like the one Beyonce wore while she sang “If I were a boy” and get ready for another Body Beautiful Wednesday review by your nasally challenged friend, Jeanasina!

So… one of my absolute favorite visuals was when PINK performed “Glitter in the Air”. If you didn’t see it – you’ll want to go find a way to watch it for yourselves! It was amazing! She came out in a white tight robe much like Princess Leia would have worn and as she sang the robe came off to reveal Pink in a nearly nude bodysuit! WOW!!! factor right there, but then, she is lifted from the stage, hanging from silk scarves way up toward the ceiling, totally must have spent time recently with the performers of circque du soleil! There she is, several feet in the air, pretty much upside down, when suddenly she is soaked with water that spills out from her body. All this is going on while she is simultaneously spinning at warp speed in the air, still singing! It was unbelievable, memorable and definitely UNDONE before at the Grammys! What I thought almost the entire time to myself while watching this was that Pink is so SLEEK! If someone describes a person as ‘sleek’ to you, the connotations you get are that the person is trim, finely contoured, streamlined or smooth. PINK was all that and more!

Meg and Eleni sent me a new product called SLEEKskin skintreat renew. The minute I saw the words “SLEEK and skin” hooked together I wanted to try whatever was in the container! Before I even researched the product I read the front label which informed me that this was a “triple action serum with combination of peptides and proteins to restore collagen”! Would the collagen gods really be inside this vial ready to restore what age promoting demons have sucked out?

I had to go find out more of course, so I went to the Sleek Boutique where I learned that my ‘renew’ product is one out of four products in a “high performing daily facial regime for all clients seeking to enhance and maintain in office treatment results at home AND for those wanting professional strength daily treatments!” The ‘renew’ product I was testing is step #3 in the skin regime set. The kit is designed to turn back the visual signs of aging and prevent further damage. The SLEEK Kit comes with Glow, Boost, Renew and Transform products. This four piece kit is $215.95! When I saw that I immediately phoned the Montecito Casino in Las Vegas to see if they could store my new SLEEKskin skin cream in one of their vaults! I think this is definitely one of the more expensive skin creams that has ever set foot inside my home! The ‘renew’ skintreat that I received is $98.95! Whoa baby!

I was super excited to put this potion on my face! I pushed down on the pump and (it worked – yay) and a clear liquid came out, non-sticky and I applied it to my face and allowed it to dry for at least one minute, as suggested. I did this twice a day. I put it on one side of my face and that side definitely felt a bit tighter and definitely smoother. It has a cooling sensation when you put it on. I have been using it every night and day since I received it. As it made its way down into my skin that first time, I sang a line from an old song “Chantilly Lace” by The Big Bopper (1950’s) and the line was. “Oh baby you know what I like!” I would absolutely love to try the entire ‘high preforming daily facial regime’ four piece kit to really see if used together they can (without the use of surgery) turn back the visual signs of aging.

In the meantime, I’ll use every dollop of the SLEEKskin renew serum till it’s gone and then I’ll really know if it turned back my elder clock!! I’ll end this review with a visual. Picture me upside down on my padded desk chair with my knees over the back of the chair and my head hanging down on the seat, holding a magnifying glass in my hand, pretending it’s a microphone, spinning around and around furiously, while wearing skin tight white winter long underwear and at the same time, pouring a liter of 7-Up over my body. Does that say SLEEK to you or what? I could have totally been a stand-in for PINK at the Grammy awards show for sure!

Right now you can get free product samples of your choice with any SLEEKskin purchase of $25.00 or more!  What a great way to see what works best for your skin!

Oh! Did I mention that this skin care line is developed and offered by SLEEK MedSpa®? SLEEK MedSpa® is dedicated to identifying skin problems, and applying body and facial rejuvenation treatments to enhance the personal appearance, self-esteem and health of their clients. Wow! With a statement like that who wouldn’t want to try their products? You can buy it HERE!

Are you ladies familiar with the SleekSkin product line?
Has any of you tried products from a Professional Medical Spa before?

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