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It’s Fabulous Friday! Where Desertdoll brings you dream items worth the splurge…

Well, here we are-2008, how’d that happen? I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that all of you are feeling a lot less stress right now then you did in the past few weeks. So maybe I’m a bit late with the introduction to these products from Skyn Iceland. But if you’re life is anything like mine, the stress will start creeping back in soon, so you’ll be glad you know how to fight it.

Skyn Iceland provides solutions for stressed skin. No matter what kind of skin you have, dry, aged, oily, acne, whatever. Everyone’s got moments that their skin is stressed. And a stressed life produces stressed skin. Hormone and chemical levels spike, oil production is increased, water, oxygen and nutrients are drawn away from the skin, and it becomes irritable, dull, clogged, prematurely wrinkled, prone to breakouts, itchy and flaky. Lovely eh?

This line specifically targets these reactions, treating skin when it’s acting out and defending skin so it happens less often. The result? Calm, beautiful skin. Makes me feel more relaxed already! Check out their website for great tips to reduce every day stress as well.

Just an interesting note on their name, “Iceland” is one of the most peaceful and pure places in the world. Clean air, fresh, mineral-rich water. “Skyn” is the Icelandic word for “senses”, pointing to the fact that there’s a direct link between the senses and how your skin looks and feels. Rather clever!

I got 3 amazing products from the lovely and chill Maya, 2 of which had separately wrapped doses so I could share some the joy. 5 of us got to try the Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, cooling gel patches, concentrated with doses of soothing ingredients that target puffiness and premature wrinkling, and the Cool Therapy Face Masks, a mega dose of soothing vitamins and minerals in a liquid form that you douse on a face shaped cloth and allow to seep into your skin as you lie relaxed for 20 mins. Both of these products are absolutely are awe-inspiring! They feel fabulous and you instantly notice a difference in your skin. Like you had a great night sleep followed by a facial when you woke up. Your skin is soft, clear, fresh and glowing.

I also received the Stress Defense Cream the piece de resistance of my Fab Friday trio. Very similar to another brand’s cream that “freezes” wrinkles, the difference here is that Skyn’s version also treats skin and doesn’t leave behind an odd film that the other product does. It’s like a magic trick for your skin, wrinkles actually disappear right before your eyes. Here’s what they say: “Within 10 minutes of applying, Stress Defense Cream helps undo the damage your stressful lifestyle has etched into your skin. This super-hydrating cream is a double threat to premature aging. First, it corrects by helping to visibly relax and smooth tension lines in the face, transformed within minutes and made smoother with each subsequent application. Second, it helps prevent damage with cutting edge time-release technology that creates an invisible shield on your skin, providing advanced antioxidant protection against UV rays, pollution, ozone and other environmental stressors.”

So how about it Ladies, were Skyn Iceland’s products the remedy for your stressed skin?

Skyn Iceland – Buy it Here!

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