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skinvie1Jeanasina here ladies – it’s Body Beautiful day and I’m sure all of you have had to deal with some type of stress today! Right now I want you to put your stressified faces close to your computer screen so you can read every particle of information I’m about to regale you with and you won’t want to miss a thing, trust me! We are going to talk about facial stress!

Honey, look in that mirror of yours and see if you don’t see a little leftover sign of a moment in your day today when you grit your teeth, lifted your eyebrows up toward your scalp, stretched out your neck muscles and said “I hate…my job, my mom, my life, my car…!” You know what I mean, a feeling inside that resulted in your outside looking monumentally angry or frustrated. This is where SkinVie comes into play.

I did a LOT of reading about this new slant on face cream and found it quite fascinating! See if you don’t get hooked or at least majorly interested in this cream. I have to quote several parts of their product info because cutie pies out there, it’s riveting stuff! Here we go…SkinVie Stress Releasing & Soothing Elixir is perfect for all skin types. You can use our product when the signs of aging and tension are visible on your skin. If you want to remove stressed skin, stress induced skin problems, wrinkles on face, wrinkles on eyes, fine lines, skin irritation and skin rash, use our product!” HOLY FACE AILMENTS! Does that not pretty much cover all the women reading right now?Surprised

In case those descriptions didn’t fully include you-then keep reading they say that their cream is formulated for “very sensitive skin, dry, normal or oily skin, aging and sagging skin with fine lines and wrinkles, tense, tired and stressed skin which has negative feelings of discomfort!” I loved that last statement! I can only imagine going up to my daughter for instance and saying something like “Daughter! I noticed that your skin has negative feelings of discomfort!” To which she would reply, “What the #@#@!! are you talking about?” At that point I’d be Dead Mama Walking.

SkinVie’s slant is that stress has become a way of life for just about everybody! SkinVie’s definition of stress is “a normal physical response to external events that make you feel threatened or upsets your balance.” I worked with a girl who while driving to work one day had her little boy say to her from the backseat of the car “Mom? You look FAT TODAY!” I bet that totally upset her balance! There is a strong relationship between the skin and the mind. Directly below the skin’s surface are millions of nerve endings that are sensitive to contact, pain, and itchiness. So as emotions are exhibited neurologically, they can be conveyed via the skin much like stress can impact the health of other parts of the body by causing decreased immunity, increased anxiety, or hypertension. WOW!

Daily stress takes its toll on the skin in many ways. Increased stress and tension can cause you to frown or furrow your brow more. Over time these facial contractions can lead to a deepening of visible fine lines and wrinkles. I have a big ass line between my brows that’s been there for years! During times of stress the skin defense systems are reduced. That means the protective barrier that seals moisture and shields the skin from environmental irritants such as chemicals, pollution and allergens is weakened. Thus skin tends to be more sensitive, reactive and appears irritated during times of stress. Furthermore important cell matrix proteins that help skin maintain it’s firmness, radiance, youthful appearance and defend skin against environmental assaults are compromised.

SkinVie Stress Releasing & Soothing Elixir
is formulated with a unique combination of highly effective ingredients that help to soothe and ease skin discomfort and defend the skin against the aging effects of daily stress by boosting the skin’s natural ability to relax, comfort and repair it’s appearance! I know this is a lot of information but ladies, it’s vital stuff we don’t think about! I never think much about how stressful situations make my skin look!

I know for sure that the excessive urge to compulsively eat vats of Parmesan cheese covered popcorn popped in olive oil to relieve MY stress causes severe BLOAT the next day – THIS I always notice! I’m sure my skin is stressed too and probably looks like shit after popcorn marathon nights! I was totally interested in SkinVie’s compelling declarations that it acts instantly to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, facial tension and stress induced skin problems quickly and visibly! This product has so many benefits listed – well you just have to go on the website and read for yourself! Needless to say, I could not WAIT to try it!

It’s a very pleasant silky white substance that glides on to your skin and leaves it feeling fantastically nurtured. I like what I see in the mirror after using it for just two weeks. I look gentle, calm, peaceful, and very cared for in the facial area. I really DO! I will have to see when I run out if there is a tremendous change in my skin or if I revert back to looking like an angry female roller blade bully who’s known for constantly saying “What the hell YOU lookin’ at bitch?!” to passers by! That’s got to be a stressful look there! They do have a 14 day free trial right now.

The directions say to “gently massage into face and neck targeting the areas that feel tense and stressed.” My girlfriend has a bulldog and that thing is always violently tense and stressed, I wonder how this product would work on it’s face? I absolutely loved using this product and I think you will to!

Do you notice how stress affects your skin? Do you see after a tough year more wrinkles or after a stress week a break-out? I totally see the cause and effect! Stress-free=SkinVie!

Check it out here!

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