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Truth or bare: Saturdays at Sephora!

Katie the resident Saturday’s at Sephora resident pro!

July is always Skin Solutions month at Sephora. It has really come to be one of my favorite animations over the years. Because as fun as makeup is – It’s important to take care of your canvas and there are some fabulous products that can make you look whiter, brighter, younger, more awake in just a couple steps –whether skincare or color or even fragrances! The mantra this month in our stores is “Truth or bare: Dare to bare your skin” and they’ve highlighted this little philosophy to go with it:

“No more hiding your face behind oversized sunglasses or your legs in capri pants. We dare you to bare your skin (every last inch of it!) with solutions to your biggest bare-it-all beauty dilemmas–sun damage, short lashes, wrinkles, bikini lines, pale legs, no-makeup makeup; they’re all fair game here. So pick your beauty poison and peal off those layers to reveal skin that looks better in the buff. C’mon, we dare you.”

Growing up in bigger-is-always-better Texas and spending a good portion of my formative years (college) in the deep south, I have seen a hundred too many other women who can’t get over that Betty Crocker cake-cake-cake it on syndrome. And I believe wholeheartedly that too-much makeup (ESPECIALLY Complexion products) can make GREAT skin look dingy, OKAY skin look bad, and not-so-good skin look like plaster of paris. So I’m going to dare all of you Megsmakeup girls (lurkers and blabbermouths alike!) to amputate the heavy hand for a few weeks and dare to bare. You might just like it better!

Dilemma 1: Serious acne: the trick here is two-fold. 1) Stop it before it starts and 2) not exacerbate what’s already there. A great 2-in-1 cleanser/exfoliator will remove your makeup, kill bacteria, and exfoliate dead skin which could otherwise recycle themsleves right back into clogging your pores. The DDF Glycolic Exfoliating Wash 5% will obviously cleanse, exfoliate and also rejuvenate the dullness of acne-laden sking. Another plus is that it can be used on face and body (good-bye bAcne!) I know most people will still want to add some color to camouflage scares and active blemishes. But a light hand is the trick to not looking cakey. Some good options are TARTE Smooth Operator Foundation; Dior Hydraction Tinted Moisturizer; Stila Natural Finish Foundation. Let me also go ahead and bust the myth about oil-free products. Yes they’re great. But don’t be overly concerned if their ARE oils in the products you use. Stay away from mineral or animal oils–the kind that leave you feeling greasy. Any oil that comes from a plant (tea tree, ylang ylang, or others) are NOT going to leave you feeling slick. In face, if your skin is receiving the NECESSARY amounts of oils (humectants that keep the water in your skin) then your body will shut off YOUR oil-producing glands and you’ll be much less shiny!

Dilemma 2: Dull and sun-damaged. And who isn’t sun damaged in this day and age? The trick for correcting and combatting this is Vitamin C, in a big way. Citric acid lightens and brightens. Vitaming C itself also works with your melanocytes (skin-pigment producing cells) to keep them healthy and functioning. My miracle product here is the Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum. If you read archived posts, I’ve obviously spent a lot of time tooting the Caudalie horn. But honestly, I haven’t found anything better, for your money that corrects acne scarring, hyper-pigmentation, and improves all-around appearance of skin. A drop or two in your moisturizer AM, PM or both …I swear you’ll notice a difference in a couple of days and you’ll wish it came in a gallon-size jug. (See Caudalie–Saturdays at Sephora archive post for some more in-depth explanation of how the Resveratrol and the Viniferine in this product work). Perricones Resorative Night Treatment is another good alternative…LOADED with Vitamin C. Secondly make sure to up the SPF to prevent any further damage, which you can have in any and all of your facial products – moisturizers, primers, foundations, and plain-ole suncreens.

Ladies, what you’re secret to healthy less is more skin solutions?

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