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Jeanasina here, With Thanksgiving right on the heels of this review, I’m sure people are going to be saying things like “Ewwwww don’t make me have to look at that ugly turkey neck!” Or….”There is enough lose skin on that old hen to make a blanket out of it!”

All these heartwarming thanksgiving terms bring to mind the condition of my skin after 60 years of getting plucked by a lifetime of skin abuse! So…ANY chance I get to put some new and improved beauty treatment that is raring to plump up, de-wrinkle, un-sag, smooth-out, de-bag, and just plain bring life back into some old hen skin I will be shouting… “Well honey – climb aboard my face, neck and décolletage and let’s see what you’ve got!”

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to have my turkey-trottin mailman deliver to my door a silver vial of Dynamic Wrinkle Reducer by Skin Nutrition! Immediately upon ripping open the box with my claw like hands, I read the directions..”Recommended Use: Apply to the face, neck & décolleté, after cleaning, in the morning or evening on its own or over the Face Lifting Serum. Follow with Environmental Protection Serum. Massage thoroughly into the skin. Avoid the eye area.” I also looked the product up before using it because I adore information and wanted to make sure I did everything exactly right so I would get the maximum results from this product! In looking at the website I saw that this lovely vial of skin extract cost a whopping $185.00!! Eureka! Allow me to mention at this point that my rumplestilskin exterior has never had anything of this elite nature price range on it up to this exact moment in time! I could not wait to try it! Drum roll please! Let the games begin! I’m going to need to purchase a safe!

I wrapped my head in a turban, put a pretend candy cigarette into a gold cigarette holder I got at the local thrift store between my scarlet lips, and began to talk with a French accent. I was ready to begin my euphoric experience into the life of the wealthy! The silver vial has a pump on it and I pumped a millimeter onto my trembling fingers so nothing would be wasted and proceeded to apply gentle circular miracle working dollops to my face, neck and the sad terrain that used to be my lovely chest area. I did this again the next morning and the next night and have been doing it every morning and night for almost 2 weeks now and…

I have to say..I THINK IT’S DOING SOMETHING!!! Something Good! It appears that some of the lines on my forehead and face are not as apparent, my neck is a little less turkey like and best of all, my chest, which has creases like a well used old road map from YEARS of full on sun-tanning, actually LOOKS BETTER! I didn’t think anything could make it look better but it appears that Dynamic Wrinkle Reducer just might live up to its name!

In conclusion, I’d say the Skin Nutrition brand has great marketing write-ups, it sounds like they have several compelling products that every woman who wants to be beautiful would want to try. I am pleased with the results I have experienced in this short time with the Dynamic Wrinkle Reducer. I can imagine how great it would be to slather on ALL their companion products for a year and THEN see if anyone would even recognize me!! I’m guessing the results would be like watching Nanny McPhee! If you ever get the chance to watch that delightful movie you will notice how little by little Nanny McPhee looks less and less unappealing as the movie unfolds, her loveliness comes out. If this product line does what it says…maybe this same thing could happen to me or you! For now, I’ll enjoy the benefits of this exciting product and consider it an early Christmas gift until the last dollop of magic eeks it’s way out of the silver cylinder onto my currently happy skin. Then eventually I’ll probably turn back into the aging me who currently resides in my Jeanasina physique.

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Until next time…Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for reading my reviews – I personally am thankful I get to write about the things I do and for all of you that read what I write! Hugs to all,

Your one of a kind Body Beautiful reviewer: Gizzard lips Jeanasina (still on the hunt for a lip-dewrinkler that doesn’t involve needles or face contortion exercises for 2 hours a day! )

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