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tartetruebloodI love to read: not just a magazine here and there but long, heavy to carry volumes of historical biographies, epic romances and tales of terror! Goddess Granny’s other “addiction” besides anything that comes in a plastic tube, compact or jar is BOOKS! I have become even more of a bookworm since the arrival of my iPad a year ago and can spend hours browsing for books with the immediate gratification that downloads bring! I know many of my friends ONLY read in the Summer while relaxing and one of the most fabulous series to indulge in is the “Sookie Stackhouse” saga of books written by an incredibly talented Southern lady named “Charlaine Harris. Where DO these sweet Southern girls get the ideas for such HOT stories?

Basically they revolve around the life and loves of “Sookie” who is a not so normal waitress living in a fictional town in Louisiana…She seems to attract “supes” ie, otherworldly people such as vampires, werewolves, fairies, witches and all manner of ghouls and goblins. She always rises above, stays true to herself and tries to find real love! What’s not to like, it’s pure fiction and believe me, these are NOT the insipid characters of a tween novel. The stories have depth, the characters are rich and real, the sex is hot and the wit and humor palatable!

A brilliant direct named Alan Ball (“American Beauty”) took on the tough task of bringing Sookie and her minions to TV three years ago in a little HBO show named,”True Blood” and the rest is Sunday night history! It now has a following LARGER than the “Sopranos” ever had and millions of fans and followers! THE most gorgeous people on TV, men, women, gays and fantasy figures all come to life in some pretty wild story lines! The one liners are hysterical and biting (no pun intended Kiss) The soundtracks are the stuff of musical dreams, many indy and no so indy artists but the music always coincides with the episode of the night! It is my VERY favorite TV show EVER and a guilty pleasure I shall indulge in relentlessly!

The Season 3 “True Blood” premiere is on Sunday June 26th and I have my, “Nothin’ good could come from sumpthin’ so pretty…” shirt (quote Layfayette, one of my fav characters) t-shirt all ready to wear, my popcorn dish waiting to be filled AND I will NOW probably have my makeup looking SO fine that perhaps vampire “Eric” (if there is a God, please let him look like THIS man?) will visit my dreams?

I adore “Tarte” for SO many reasons: if you know the history of the brand, the mission statement they adhere to and the way their products just keep on getting better all the time, you will agree! It is and will always be in my top 5 brands! We at can’t get enough of their fabulous products! They have catapulted to the top of my list recently because Tarte has the foresight to realize how extraordinary “True Blood” actually is! It has become a major cultural sensation and influence. Even in the biz of beauty because the actors are SO flipping’ beautiful, dead or alive!) Tarte has released a limited edition and INCREDIBLE products for “True Blood!” Be still my heart…

There is one of their VERY famous, must have “Cheekstains”,a gorgeous sheer red perfect for any face offered in “Sheer Sparkling Red”.’s favorite “Lipsurgence” lip tint in “Iridescent Red” sure to be a sellout! A palette of eyeshadows(check out the names of the colors 🙂 along with a primer, liner and mascara combo (THE deal of the year IF you can get one!) in shades that simply take my breath away! The packaging for all three of these limited edition (and I predict will be HIGHLY coveted!) products is off the hook…black,red and SO smolderingly sexy that I’d buy them for that alone!

This is not just “some company” using the fame-name of a very popular series to gain attention people: this is one of THE premiere and most fabulous brands EVER! Tarte’s choosing to indulge our cosmetic role-playing fantasies a bit with some incredible shades and formulations. We already know and love them in exquisite limited edition! In my opinion, only Tarte could do true justice to the flushed cheeks, the ruby lips and eyes that hypnotize with amazing shades and lasting performance! These are three of my all time most favorite products and I’m just giddy to think I can have a little of the “True Blood” fun residing right on my vanity!

Buy there here ,I do believe Sephora is the ONLY place they are available and again the shadow palette is a mind boggling value for what it contains! Be sure to sign up to be a “Beauty Insider”,I get tons of great samples and freebies and a great gift on my bday!:




Of course, all three products have Tarte’s usual high quality, paraben free standards! For me, makeup is ALL about the fantasy and creating a face that shows the world who we are OR who we’d like to be…I can’t think of a better kickoff to Summer AND Season 3 of “True Blood” than to indulge in some creatively spectacular products from Tarte!

Don’t you love it when a limited edition is something you REALLY want to own? Who has created some of your favorites?

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