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mineral1Meg here! I’m typing this as I fly to New York City! Yay! I am one of those rare birds that actually really likes the Big Apple in the summer. It’s less crowded and I love hot summer nights. The humidity doesn’t even bother me-it’s a nice change from the always “perfect” Los Angeles.

Sheer Cover is a mineral foundation that I have been reaching for a bunch lately. I like how light it feels and that it already has SPF. One less thing for me to remember to do! Sheer Cover lasts and (I was in Lexington, Kentucky last week with tons of humidity) stays. It doesn’t get runny or melt away!

I’m going to share something that is top secret! Do you know Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics? I’m sure a bunch of you out there do. Their stuff is really great but it is pretty expensive. Guess who created Sheer Cover? You’re getting a pretty high-end creation for not a pretty penny.

I’ve sent a bunch of you samples of their mineral foundation. I’m wondering what you ladies have thought about it? There’s a lot more to this line (I’m totally loving the concealer!)

I’ve never been a huge “mineral makeup” girl before. I know a lot of you are though. Why do you use it? Do you really see an improvement over mineral-free?

I touch down in the city in less then 2 hours and I hear the weather is 87 with humidity! I’m fine with that though, my makeup looks great (as great as it can doing it on the plane) and I’m confident I’m staying put! I do use my own brushes though. The kabuki brush that I got in the packet is fine for touch-ups on the go, it lives in my purse. In the morning I use one of my favorite kabuki’s, one that’s larger so it packs a little more “oomph” on the initial application.

What do you ladies think? Have you tried Sheer Cover? Are you a mineral makeup girl?

Sheer Cover! Check It Out Here!

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