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Sharond here! A number of weeks ago I wrote about a quest to find a foundation that would work on my dry, aging skin.  My skin has several problems besides age and drying, there is the uneven skin tone, loss of elasticity and the damage from cellulitis on my chin.

I suffered from chemical poisoning while a child which has caused me considerable problems as an adult.  I do not absorb nutrients easily and my test results proved Shaklee brand vitamin and minerals absorb best for me.  I have been using their earth friendly cleaning, nutritional and vitamins for over 20 years, but had never tried the beauty products.   Recently I was paging through my latest Shaklee catalog and read the following statement; the same nutrients that help keep you healthy on the inside play a huge role in how you look on the outside.  So it only makes sense that your skin and hair care comes not from a cosmetics company, but from the foremost natural nutrition company. Interesting.

Shaklee states Minerelles Color Cosmetics get their gorgeous colors from natural oxides that have been used for centuries.  Mineral oxides are beneficial for skin providing a natural protective barrier between you and the elements.  The same mineral oxides do not require filler ingredients that can clog your skin pores. Applied to your skin, the minerals in Minerelles layer themselves like the layers in your skin resulting in a flawless skin tone with a natural healthy glow.

I decided to try Shaklee’s Minerelles brand liquid foundation in Nude which is the neutral shade.  Other colors are available in both warm and cool tones. I normally use light beige/ivory in the cool tones, so before purchase, check the color carefully.  Shake the bottle well before using and use care when applying as the product can come out of the bottle quite fast.  The foundation is lightweight, almost the consistency of whole milk, feels silky and is recommended to be applied with your hand.  I always prefer using a brush and found this worked fine.  The product goes on smooth and evenly, your skin feels soft and looks radiant with a healthy natural glow. The coverage is sheer and I found the first light layer was absorbed quickly even though I had used a moisturizing sunscreen first. I applied extra layers to achieve the amount of coverage I desired.  Minerelles does not contain sunscreen so check your other moisturizing products to make sure you have enough sunscreen coverage.  I gave this foundation the hard test; a long day of errands, making dinner, cleaning the house, and then a long walk.  After about 12 hours, I was pleasantly surprised to find this foundation still looked respectful, needing only a quick touchup to dance into the night. I continued to use it every day for two weeks and did not suffer from any breakouts.  Actually, I felt that my skin looked and felt better than before.  I read up more on the foundation and read that Minerelles has the nourishing benefits of Vital Repair+ complex, an exclusive antioxidant combination formulated to protect and renew our skin.  This formula does not contain mineral oils, synthetic dyes, drying talc’s or parabens.  My skin didn’t get that dry parched look or turn my face quite red like what has happened with many other mineral makeups’s I tried.  I really liked this foundation and find myself grabbing it over the many others I have laying around.  I liked the ease of applying, moisturizing effect, flawless skin tone and healthy glow plus the added benefit is that it really does last all day.  It did protect my skin from the elements and still allowed it to breath.  I didn’t realize my other foundations did not allow my skin to breath until I tried this one, you can feel the difference once you have something to compare it to.

Shaklee Minerelles Liquid Foundation is available from independent dealers which are listed in the phone book or online at  If you purchase from a dealer you do not have to pay shipping.  Joining Shaklee gives you a discount on their many nutritional, cleaning and cosmetic products.  I think this is a wonderful product at a reasonable price, $24.95-$28.50 for the 1.2 ounce bottle.

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