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primersetHi, Everyone! It’s Kellie here. Today, I am going to introduce you to a new column that I am working on called Frugal Luxuries. As some of you may know I am a graduate student with a pretty tight budget. So many of the weapons in my beauty arsenal are of the drugstore variety. But my insane love of beauty products makes it impossible for me to resist adding luxury items into my drugstore budget. This takes some skill and careful planning when dealing with such a small amount of cash! I have several goals for this column. I hope to explore what luxury items are truly worth their price tag. I also want to examine which products give you more bang for the buck. Additionally, my goal is to when possible give you tips on how to purchase these items in a more cost-effective manner. I am not encouraging anyone to blow their budget! I just want you to spend wisely without necessarily denying yourself all luxuries. Ultimately, I want to show you that even though the economy stinks you are worth the occasional and responsible splurge. Treating yourself well is a necessity, not a luxury!

The first item that I would like to bring to your attention is Urban Decay’s Complexion Primer Potion-Pore Perfecting. This 1 oz tube retails for $30 at Sephora but thanks to the generosity of Urban Decay I was able to test this for free. UD does also have a brightening version of this face primer which I hear is excellent but the pore perfecting version is recommended for those with oily complexions-just call me Exxon Valdez. This primer can be worn under make-up or alone. I don’t typically wear foundation so I usually wear this with a little concealer and loose powder. According to the company the primer is supposed to minimize the look of your pores and fine lines while giving you a smooth matte finish. I personally have a lot of complexion problems including extreme oiliness, dry patches, large pores, and acne. So in my mind a good facial primer is a luxury item worth investing in. Consequently, I have tried many primers. And it is safe to say that to date this is the best that I have found.

When I first tried this primer I encountered some problems. What I found was that I was applying too many other products underneath it causing it to ball up. Now I only apply a light moisturizer prior to application of the primer and have had no more problems. It is important to realize that this primer is a little thicker than many others on the market, so blend well. You may also notice a faint lavender color when you are first applying. But I promise that this is not obvious once you blend. I believe that the lavender is intended to be a subtle brightener. Also, I am embarrassed to say that I only recently discovered that if you just twist the tip of the tube you will be able to squeeze out smaller portions. I was previously unscrewing the whole cap. Learn from my mistakes people!Surprised

Overall, this is an outstanding primer. It does not make my face break out. It does not increase my oiliness the way Smashbox does. It leaves me fairly matte for a long time-longer than any other primer I have tried. I still use blotting sheets from time to time. Show me the primer that prevents any oil and I will show you the winner of the Nobel Prize! This primer gives me a much smoother and evened out complexion. If I go a day without using it I truly notice it. My pores look bigger, I am oilier, and I really notice the dry patches under my make-up -even with moisturizer.

The company says that you can prime your entire face with a pea sized amount. This would probably be true for anyone without a giant head such as mine! I am able to get away with covering my entire face with just a little bit more than that amount. If you don’t overdo it with this primer I believe that it could last for most people between 3-6 months. That breaks down to at 3 months of usage between approximately thirty and thirty-five cents per day and at 6 months of usage between approximately fifteen and twenty cents per day. A high quality product that works hard and lasts a long time is a winner in my book. I highly recommend this primer and will purchase it when I run out.
My tip of the day: If you would like to pick up this primer along with a few other exceptional products at an amazing value, check out Sephora’s UD Box of Potions for $65 which includes (all in full size): 1 Brightening Primer, 1 Pore Perfecting Primer, 1 Eyeshadow Primer, 1 Eyelash Primer, and 1 Lip primer. This is $114 worth of product at a near 50% discount!!

Who has taken advantage of the holiday gift sets? What one did you get? Which ones are you eyeing? makeup luxury item are you never without?

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