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Hello! Xstatic817 here, and it’s been a rough week. I started a new job in a new field. Granted, I just went back to school for 3 years to learn this new field (nutrition, by the by), so while I know what I’m doing, I still have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. Challenging to say the least. After my second day of work, a madman starts honking at me incessantly on my drive home, scaring the crapola out of me. Said madman turns out to be my husband who was unable to reach me at work, and since my cell phone is dead (no, not uncharged, it just DIED which no one seems to believe and YES, I’m getting a new one – ordered the new iphone yesterday), he had to resort to stalking me on major roadways in order to contact me. Turns out very close friends of ours had gone into labor. Well, the female counterpart of the couple had, to be specific. So I parked my car in the nearest mall parking lot and jumped into my husband’s car and we drove about an hour away to be there for the birth. Got home very late. Had to get up very early. We repeated this (sans stalking) on Thursday when we went to visit again.

So let’s just say I’m far from radiant right now. I’m tired. I’m stressed. I’m pooped.


So it seemed like a good time to test out the Japanese brand Sekkisei’s Radiance Boosting Mask. Like my last review, I don’t know how to pronounce the name of the company. I’m going to say it’s pronounced like “sexy” if you drag out the syllables – seck-ih-say. Say it faster. Sounds sexy to me! Sekkisei’s products are supposed to make your skin “shine like snowflakes” and that sounded pretty wonderful to me. I’m a sun-phobic gal, so snowflake skin in the dead of summer is basically what I’m after.

Here are the details: “A rich, pre-soaked sheet mask that combines a powerful blend of Japanese and Chinese herbs to provide moisturizing and brightening effects. Each sheet contains 24 ml of concentrated lotion, more than double the amount of a regular sheet mask, to last longer and provide more intensive care. The concentrate combines ingredients that are similar to those naturally found in skin and Vitamin C using a microscopic emulsifying technology for quick and deep absorption into skin.”

Sounds divine to me. And for the most part, it was. However, what differentiates this mask from the multitude of other face masks I’ve experimented with, is that this one is an actual mask. Kind of like you’d wear on Halloween, but drenched in ingredients like apricot kernel oil, melothria extract, coix seed extract, angelica extract, and pot marigold. When I came out of the bathroom, I asked my husband not to laugh. And he didn’t, but he did jump about 3 feet when he saw me. I looked like a watered down version of Jason from Friday the 13th. But the mask’s benefits definitely outweigh its ridiculous look. First, it smells wonderful – floral, but not overly so. It’s wet when you apply it and press it on your face, but it still feels very decadent on. Maybe one part goopy wash cloth, but two parts intense spa treatment. It doesn’t get stiff like many masks. After 10-15 minutes you take it off and rub the remaining residue into your skin.

Directly after using it, my skin felt very clean and refreshed, and definitely uber-moisturized. The next morning, my skin glowed. That dullness that your skin gets from sleeplessness and perhaps one-too-many margaritas after celebrating your first work week? Gone. My skin had returned to its blissful, pre-9-to-5-er state. And it felt like velvet. Seriously. No matter what I try and even if my skin looks good, I have a bastardly difficult time making it feel good. This mask did it.

Sekkisei Radiance Boosting Mask is available at in a set of 6 for $56.

So, have any of you ever used a beauty product that made you look like you were straight out of a horror movie? Or – eek – did the results?

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