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scarJasmine Simone here! Flashback to this past Saturday. I’m standing in front of the full length mirror putting the finishing touches on my party outfit.

JS: “Man!” (examining my new ensemble) “I look good!

(Enter boyfriend, Eric.)

EA: “Hey baby, nice top.

JS: “Thanks! I’m excited to bust it out. I just got it.” (JS places dutiful kiss on cheek.)

EA: “Whoa, what’s that? Is that dirt?

JS: “What? No! I just took a shower for goodness sake.

EA: “Well there’s something on your chest. Oooo-ooohhhh – duh! Those must be scars from the bug bites you got in Belize.

JS: “Wait…what?” (JS takes a closer look at her chest.) “No….this can’t be…” (Examines her arms and back now…) “NOOO!!! They’re everywhere!

EA: “I told you not to scratch so much. You know you scar from every little thing.” (Cue smug smile.)

JS: “Shut up, Poohead!” (Cue withering yet guilty look…in my head I’m thinking “Phew! At least they are flat…almost like discolored freckles really…comfort in the small things. Boo!)

Needless to say, I was an-noyed. Now I love my skin, but every little skin abrasion does show up and it is usually here to stay. I have what they call “keloid-prone skin” (the raised discolored skin tissue.) I have tried many things over the years for scars. Some things have worked better than others but I haven’t found the Holy Grail. And yet some of the worst scars I have had in my life – major burn abrasions on my face from a car accident – have virtually disappeared. This has led me to believe in… miracles really… or a at least some chance for me to be fully scar free one day. Undoubtedly, the best course is to start a regimen when you first get the scar as the fresh tissue is at it’s most pliable and scar hasn’t started to form eyes. Though I do hope to find something that works at any stage on both major keloids or minor discolorations. Below is a list of things I have tried or hope to in the near future.

Vitamin E: Now this is the favorite of the old wives and their tales. And I have to say, from experience, they knew their stuff. This has so far worked extremely well for me. It has not completely vanished my scars but it definitely makes them fade dramatically. It’s relatively inexpensive with no smell and the greasy felling fades quickly. I highly recommend.

Shea Butter
: It is commonly noted in guides to scar prevention that the key is to keep the scar tissue moist and well lubricated so that the tissue doesn’t harden which is the final product you see above the skin. Shea butter is very moisturizing and an excellent lubricant. I believe this is one of the main ingredients I think was instrumental in the healing of my facial scars but I think this may be one that is most effective if you begin use at the first appearance of the scar.

Cell Renewal (Exfoliator): I have had great results with these types of products. They are constantly overturning old cells and bringing new healthy ones to the forefront. Now if you’re looking to treat large or several areas of the body this may become expensive, but I really like the body scrubs by Carol’s Daughter. I like the concentrated oils they use that are good for keeping the scar lubricated and your skin glossy and moisturized. For my face I think this, coupled with the Shea Butter, in my face wash by Collective Well Being is the major factor in how well my facial scars healed. Their Oatmeal-Raspberry face wash is mostly organic and has walnut shells for exfoliating and great nourishing butters for lubrication; all their face washes are great really and naturally exfoliate.

Vanishing Cream
: I have tried some of these fade creams; mostly the ones geared towards African-Americans with the pretty black girl on the front. None of them have really worked for me that well. I’ve heard they can also cause splotchiness. I know they have some skin lightening creams from Asia but I think they are just supposed to remove melanin from your skin, which in theory has potential, but I’m too scared the side effects might leave me splotchy. Any body try these before?

Serums / Sebums: This is my latest discovery and I’m dying to try them. I’ve used a serum with Aloe Vera that was pretty good with plumping up the skin to make them less noticeable but they didn’t disappear entirely. Apparently one of the most consumer recommended products are scar fade creams with snail serum. Based on all the positive recommendations, this is next on my list to try. Elicina Cream is the most widely touted to have positive results.

To summarize, I’m open to any suggestions and will probably try them all in my quest to find… the perfect scar destroyer.

What, if anything, has worked for your scar woes?

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