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The glowing Laura Lee from Scott Barnes sent us some of their hydrating masks to test. I am wearing one as I type this post. I think this idea is genius. Masks are usually so time consuming. As they dry you feel your skin tighten up and they are a pain to scrub off. I get that stuff in my hairline, up my nose and behind my ears.

I have never seen anything like this product! Picture a cloth make-up remover, but if it had eyes, nose and mouth. It’s like a moist towlette. This product is way better then make-up remover though so forget that reference. It’s just hard to explain.

All you have to do is place the hydrating mask to your clean skin and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then you just pull it off your face and massage the remaining hydrating essence into your skin. I haven’t done that last part yet. I think it’s because I don’t want to take this facial mask off. Whatever blended essences were used on this hydrating mask, they are heavenly. I’m having my own little spa experience as I type this.

Laura Lee also gave me a little gossip, she told me that Scott Barnes will not apply any of his clients make-up unless he uses this on them beforehand. As one of the most famous make-up artists in the world, Scott has put this same hydration mask on Jenifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Julianne Moore and Kate Hudson. Those are just a few. Scott Barnes is a serious A-List must have.

O.K., I have to go take this off and see if I’m all hydrated and able to apply my makeup easier.

Here is what Scott Barnes has to say about his hydrating mask “This is a must have product in Scott’s kit! All his models receive this revitalizing facial treatment prior to makeup. Beautiful skin requires a dedicated skin care regime. Cosmetics alone are not enough. See and feel the difference of radiant skin with an easy facial mask for all skin types”.

“Use before a special occasion for increased beauty and in a weekly skin care regime. Tear open a sachet, unfold cloth mask, lay on face, positioning cut outs and wear for 15 minutes. The essence contains soothing, moisturizing and brightening ingredients. Your skin soaks in the facial softening essence while adding moisture and glow. Toss used mask away and apply moisturizer and makeup, if desired. Makeup wears more evenly without fading. Facial skin looks glossy and revived”

I’m serious, I’m getting up in 5 minutes to take this off! If you have any holiday parties to go to I would suggest this experience so far.

Ladies please post if your hydrating masks make you feel A or D list!

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