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The smooth reps from sent Megs Makeup a very modern looking bag of Satin Clouds Heavenly Cotton Pads. I mean it this package screams Ian Schrager design. Very crisp and to the point.

It’s kind of funny how little we talk about applicators. We usually only talk about product. The irony is, most of the time the strenght of a product is only as good as it’s applied. Doesn’t this warrant a little bit of chit-chat? I mean do use fingers, or bushes or sponges or cotton balls or Q-tips? Oh my!

Usually, the cotton ball is a staple in every women’s glass jar on her vanity. I hate cotton balls. I mean, yeah, they’re on my vanity but I still hate them.
When I am removing nailpolish is really the only time I reach for them. Then I get frustrated that the leftover polish gunk is not coming off so I reach for the more point perfect Q-tip.

I use the dumb cotton balls for my Klorane eye make-up remover. The only issue is that the stupid ball soaks up way too much of the remover and I run through my pricey cleaner too fast. What’s a girl to do? There’s not alot of other choices.. That’s when I was lucky enough to receive SatinClouds.

Sturdy yet soft these babies are now my go to for any make-up mishap. They’re touted as Heavenly Cotton Pads and if I were a make-up artist I’d have
package upon package in my kit. These pads don’t shed or lint or fade apart when applying or removing makeup. A pack of 150 will run you $5.00! Yes,
$5.00 is a bit pricier then 10,000 cotton balls for .99 cents.

Really though beautiful darling. Do you really want to put anything near your face that you can have 500 for a dollar for? I mean, come on. I know you’re worth so much more then that and I haven’t even met you yet!!

Here’s what Satinclouds say”Cotton pads are a staple of our daily care routine; used on our face along with our expensive creams, tonics, and serums. We became obsessed with finding a perfect everyday cotton pad to use because we hated the stuff available on the market, which either left lint and fuzz all over our face or shredded into pieces during use. When we couldn’t really find anything to our specifications, we decided to make our own.

We’re so happy to present you with SatinClouds –perfect everyday cotton pads brought to you by Satinbox. SatinClouds have a super soft luxurious texture and are absorbent and gentle. Though very absorbent and useful for wicking away moisture, the thin micro-layers of cotton that make up each pad hold product amazingly well, therefore, you only need to use a little bit of toner or makeup product with each cotton pad. This is our way of helping you stretch your beauty dollars further . “

Ladies, please post if your glass cotton ball holder is ready for an update?

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