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The cheeky and rosey Rosie from Rosie Jane cosmetics sent MegsMakeup out some of their Cheek Gloss to review.

I have a huge commitment to this blog. I report and research tirelessly day and night to bring you the hottest on the market. It was just another night of difficult researching (I was reading InStyle) when I came upon Rosie Jane Cheek Gloss. InStyle said this cheek gloss “made the beautiful people beautiful”.This was going to require some serious study. I poured myself a glass of energy (champagne) and got to work!

Hmmm, I clicked around on Rosie’s website and saw that this cheek gloss was creating quite a stir. Numerous celebrities, lots of press, an interesting product showing up on a ton of “editor picks” pages. I pleaded with Rosie to send us some cheek gloss in the shades Poppy, Marigold and Rose. Wonderfully enough, they showed up the same week.

Here comes the problem. I didn’t want to open this package. Rosie? Are you kidding me? Seriously these dainty little boxes showed up and each one was wrapped in an actual pink, tulle bow. It was so cute and looked so precise that I think she must employ little elves somewhere that wrap each package!

Here is what Rosie says about Rosie Jane Cheek Gloss “Rosie Jane Cheek Gloss is easy to blend, translucent, and glossy cheek colour developed to enhance the look of natural glowing skin and youthful radiance. A range of three colours to suit any age and any occasion. It can be used on its own for a quick stroll to the beach or with foundation for a big night out, it won’t loose its shine’.

Ladies please let me know if my hard work has brought you another great item!


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