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rimmelStacy B here!  Spring is coming. I can feel it. Not in the temperature (it’s still in the 30s where I am) but in other ways. I can see my grass  –well, most of it– the days are getting longer, daylight savings time is this weekend, we might hit 55-60 degrees on Sunday and I caught some of the Red Sox spring training games on TV last night! Spring! It’s really coming, I can feel it!
The best part about spring coming is getting outside, taking a walk, playing in the yard, burning some calories while having fun doing something I haven’t been able to do for a few months! Who knows, maybe a little extra sun in the next few weeks might actually perk up my skin tone! I truly feel that spring should be the time for our new year’s resolutions, not January 1. Who can promise to eat right and get in shape when it’s freezing out still, the snow is piling up, and you have a ton of leftover candy and holiday treats? Not me!
I’m going to make a spring resolution instead. I am inspired by strong women on this site like Jeanasina and her weightloss and BabyLove on her expert balance of motherhood and taking care of herself and I want to be one, too! I am already thinking ahead to when the snow is REALLY gone, the flowers are poking through the ground and the winter coat is firmly stashed in the back closet. I’m going to make better choices to get outside and enjoy the mild weather. I’m going to eat more whole grains, drink more water, consume less sugar, get moving more, eat less fried foods and get more sleep. I’m tired of my winter ‘insulation’ and I want my cute spring skirts and dresses to fit well! I’m tired of using a foundation to smooth my red winter-y dry skin and THEN a bronzer to wake my skin from the dead. I want to wake up feeling like I slept well and look in the mirror and see hydrated, even skin.
I want to be able to use just this Rimmel London Lasting Finish powder blush for a bit of a rosy glow on my cheeks because I want to, not because I feel like if I don’t do something to perk up my skin I will scare small children. I don’t want to have to layer it over more products. Good thing this blush came to me at the perfect time, right as I begin my spring transformation. It’s a drugstore blush, so it’s small, but that’s OK. You have to set your expectations. I don’t expect to walk into any old drugstore, shell out less than $9 and get some giant miracle product that will last forever. If I wanted that, I’d spend $60 at Nordstroms. But that’s not me, it’s not my budget, and I’m OK with that. I want something that works without breaking the bank. This product fits the bill.
My color choice was Santa Rose. It’s a mauve-y pink with a hint of bronze. Just enough pink to make my cheeks glow but not so much that I look like a pink-cheeked clown. I couldn’t go with something that had too much bronzer because I’m winter-y pale right now and don’t want to look like I have a fake tan. Yuck. I want to look like I’m healthy, alive and just went for a brisk walk in the still cool air with my special someone and I’m glowing with happiness. OK, that sounded a little sappy, but you know what I mean.Kiss
This color went on smoothly with my big blush brush, blended well and really lasted. The color was highly pigmented so I didn’t have to use a ton of it. I swirled it around a few times on each cheek, and brushed a light amount over my forehead and down the bridge of my nose to even my skin out. I liked it a lot. Anything quick and easy that looks good is a winner for me. Blush that’s on and even in less than 15 seconds is huge. I had a few long days recently, working my regular job during the day and then my part time job at night, and I noticed that around 5 pm I didn’t feel the need to apply any more blush to wake myself up a bit before heading to job number two. It didn’t get cakey at all, and it didn’t feel heavy on my skin.
My only complaint is really a general complaint about all drugstore blushes (and eye shadows, too). I don’t use your tiny little brushes ever, so maybe you could get rid of it and knock the price down a bit? I hate paying for something I never use and I’ll never use the brush they include. Maybe some of you do, but they don’t work for me. I’ll take another dollar or two off the price if you added a little more product to the compact where the brush used to be. And that’s hardly a complaint against this particular blush, more of a general statement.
So overall, this was definitely a winner for me. I liked it and will continue to use it as the winter slowly retreats. Bring on the spring, I’m ready to be transformed!

What about you? Do you like Rimmel products and what do you do with those little drugstore brushes? Do you trash them or have any special uses for them?

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