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rimmelsunshimmerStacy B here! I love summer. Love it. I love the sun, the heat, the long days, the time by the water, boating, swimming, sunning, the fresh fruit, ice cold lemonade on a hot day…I just love it all. I don’t even mind the humidity! Because of my obsession with summer, fall is a rough time for me. I hate giving up my cute summer clothes and watching it gets darker earlier and having to turn the heat on in my car in the morning. It’s quite a process for me to mentally accept that my carefree beach weekends are over.
It’s been two solid weeks of fall here in New England and I’ve finally admitted that summer is over. I bought a new fall coat, wore long sleeves a few days this week, put the extra blanket on the bed and went apple picking. I’m OK with it now. I still long for the summer’s warm rays, but I am getting excited about new fall boots, warmer colors for clothes and make up and pumpkin muffins at Dunkin Donuts. Yum!
One thing that really gets me in fall, is losing my summer glow. I absolutely use sun block, but have always had very easily tannable skin. Even wearing either SPF 15 or 30 each day, I end up with a nice bronze-y glow by early July. By the end of September, I’m fading fast and my winter white is making it’s entrance. Thankfully the brilliant makeup gods up there have created bronzer. This allows me to keep a little of my summer coloring without using those deadly tanning beds, and without looking too brown. That’s one thing I’m always afraid of, is looking like one of those people who has a deep dark tan throughout the entire winter. Like every day they just stepped off the plane from the Dominican or something. Come on, we know you are faking it, so lighten it up a bit! I don’t want a full summer tan in December, but a rosy glow on my cheeks that reminds me and everyone around me that I am, in fact, alive under my uber-flattering flourescent lights in my office would be great.
This week, I’ve started trying Rimmel London’s SunShimmer “Shimmering Maxi Bronzer”.   It’s….OK. I look to bronzers to help me out as I get paler, not to make my already tan skin sparkle like I’m still on the beach. This definitely is a ‘maxi’ bronzer and really shimmers. You can see the little gold flecks in it, and it’s a fairly deep shade of brown. It looks so promising, but I can’t make it work for my office job, it’s just a bit too sparkly.
I got this awhile ago, so I did try it in the summer. It matched my skin tone perfectly then: the shimmer highlighted my cheekbones and I thought I looked like a carefree beach bum! I figured I could save it for a month or so and use it as my tan faded. Not a good idea….it’s not working for me now. It’s too dark and I get that awful bronze mask, where my face is way darker than my neck and it just looks fake.
I was disappointed, because it’s huge! It will last you forever, and it goes on really smoothly. It sticks around, too, even in the summer heat I felt like it stayed put. I think if you have a darker skin tone, or are lucky enough to live somewhere where you do have a bit of a tan year-round, you might really like this. I will love it about 9 months from now! But for winter, this wasn’t a good choice for me. I think now that it’s fall, I need something with less of a brown base and more of a peach or pink hue to go with my non-tanned skin tone.

How many of you just accept that we don’t get to stay bronzer and “sunkissed” during the fall and winter? How many of you ignore the weather and keep your color up all year? Do you use Spray Tan? Bronzer? Tanning bed? Sunless Lotion?

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