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Meg here! I suffer for my art. I mean, I’m not going hungry or anything but I have been known to “put it all out there.” I’m working with Revlon on getting the word out on their photoready line. The videos I make go online, both here and on here!

I was given the task of reviewing Revlon Photoready Sculpting Blush Palette. You know me, I’m not one for hitting you over the head with “how to” instructions. I give about 30 seconds of tips, my guess is you know how to put on blush. I mean, you read this site, right? 

What do I like about Revlon Photoready Sculpting Palette? I like that it’s a 3 in 1. That’s pretty convenient. Just in case you were wondering, the pinkest shade goes just on the apples of your cheeks. The more bronze color goes where the sun would naturally kiss your face. I start at the hairline, go down to sculpt towards the cheek and finish at the chin. You’re just making an E or a 3. Whichever, I say E. I’ve never been a numbers person. The lightest shade acts as a highlighter. It hits the top of your cheeks. If you have any questions, the video is pretty clear. Again, I’m sure you’ve heard of blush. It doesn’t generally go on the lips or eyes.

I only have 1:15 given to me to make these videos. I usually bounce my ideas off my roommates and my main gay Denny. At first they look at me like I’ve lost my mind. So I give them wine. After the third glass they recognize the brilliance in my idea! After the fourth glass they find themselves in the video.

The next day they wake up with a little headache and say “so no one is going to see those right?” I say “There’s this little site that they’re going on. Also, this small, start up company Revlon. I’m sure you don’t know them. Anyhow, they’re going up on the Revlon Facebook page so I’m sure no one will watch.”

I don’t know what they’re worried about. I’m the one that shows my butt. Oh, the things I do to try to entertain you people!

I would appreciate it if you would watch my at home cinematic masterpiece. I’m sure Fellini is shaking in his boots right now. 

So, what do you think? Want one? Revlon supplied with a bunch of Revlon Photoready Sculpting Blush Palettes for a give away. Write down your most embarassing moment to win one! 

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