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Meg here! Grettings from Philly! I was in New York City all last week and just hopped the train to my UPenn Reunion. I didn’t actually go to UPenn, but 40 of my friends did so that should count for something. While they hav not given me an honorary degree, I have bought a sweatshirt. I have a lot of traveling coming up on my schedule. This is a good thing, a bored Meg is a dangerous Meg.

Traveling in different time zones though isn’t the best for my skin. The trains, planes and automobiles can leave me looking both splotchy and don’t even get into it with me over dark eye circles, yikes! Those of you that have personally seen me this week know I’m managed to take “dark under eyes” to a whole new level!

I’ve been working with Revlon to help get the word out on there new Photoready Collection. In these two whacked out videos I try to show how Revlon Photoready Airbrush Mousse Makeup and Revlon Photoready Concealer can help you when you’ve been a little less than kind to your complexion.

I have to admit, even those these little snippets are very exaggerated (you try to mimic zit picked skin with a red lipstain…) The scenarios are true. I usually get the hankering to completely mess up and pick right before a hot date, big event or filming. The sunglasses at night? Not so much, however, I have been known to go quite Hollywood and stick on a pair shades when I’ve had less than a restful nights sleep.

Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Makeup is a traveling girls bestfriend. There is no worry about smashing your $50 foundation with this easy pump and for under $15 you can even afford to mistakenly leave it in a hotel bathroom.

Revlon PhotoReady Concealer is fantastic, the coverage is there without feeling like a heavy camouflage. It does cover but it also allows itself to have blending ability. This is important around the delicate eye area. lt wont pull the skin and cause wrinkles.

I hope you ladies like my newest videos. As always, I have to thank my main gay Denny for being such a good sport and playing along! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and TGIF!

Have you had any scenarios like the ones I tried to portray?

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