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RevlonlipbutterlipstickMeg here! Sorry for the late posts. My laptop went to the great laptop in the sky but LAFred our genius web guru was able to resuscitate it! However, I couldn’t get a picture to show up, so um…Ugh. I have had one of those days and from the fabulous post beneath me…Sounds like Goddess Granny has had one of those days as well!

Goddess Granny has had “one of those weeks” and after almost 4 years of listening to me rave about products, you know that it’s rare I’m not a special-songbird all happy and light! I am having to learn a lot about the “business of business” these days and honestly, I don’t care what anyone says or thinks, the “climate” hasn’t changed THAT much that people should not be paying for professional services and ending up in tears…’nuff said.

When I am in a less-than mood, I want new products asap to help clear the gloom and we all know that a trip to the drugstore results in a LOT less damage than a trip to the local high-end makeup counter,right? I need quantity at times like this and prefer to fill a basket with products that promise to deliver for less because I can toss them in that “bin” we chatted about last week otherwise without “morning after” guilt (I know Meg is going to jump in here and agree that sometimes “quantity over quality” really IS The way to go,even when it comes to men Kiss!) Sometimes a girl just has to overindulge and just fill that emotional “void” by any means necessary!

I got lucky this time around: it really does appear that the mass-market retailers are upping their game and it’s actually quite a lot of fun to browse the drugstore aisles in search of a golden-egg or two! Lots of new brands and tons of options in terms of implements and items to explore: I actually had a couple of “wins” in my haul this time but have to share the best of the bunch with you today because it really IS a great product: Revlon’s new “Colorburst™ Lip Butters” are amazing!  The sparkly end-cap display was loaded with pretty, shiny, plastic tubes in so many wearable shades (20 in all!) that contain a gel-formulation lip “butter” with luscious ingredients like mango and shea butter that not only give you sheer- medium coverage for freshly- colored pout but that actually increase the moisture content in your lips substantially with regular use! These are just gorgeous: they glide on smoothly and have no scent of taste so there’s little fear of an adverse reaction like I experience with some of the high-end brands and I defy you not to find a handful of shades that you’ll reach for constantly! Swipe and smile and let them fall at your feet!

I’m in LOVE with “SweetTart” a luscious hybrid pink/red/coral that seems to takes years off my smile while it really gives a plump and sexy look to my January-dry lips! I don’t even need a mirror to apply and you can use as often as it feels good because these “lip butters” don’t smear or feather or create that annoying buildup on your inner-lip like some glosses can…it’s a very unique formula and literally I want to own all 20 shades because I’m enjoying using the ones I have SO much!

What a great little “love you” gift for a gal-pal for Valentine’s Day and the tubes are actually a cut above with heft and style! Revlon continues to lead the way with new products that actually look and feel like much higher priced ones and when you’re looking to fill a basket to hopes of improving your day or look, their price-points for quality can’t be beat!

I’m fairly certain you’ll be able to locate Colorburst™Lip Butters locally but it you can’t or want a specific shade (many were down to one or two tubes when I shopped!) buy them here!

Revlon’s lip butters made my week a WHOLE lot better and I’m going to enjoy the fabulous benefits of moist lips and gorgeous color for weeks to come! Have you tried these delicious lip butters yet and which of the 20 amazing shades are you going to toss in your basket asap?

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