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ceciliaMeg here! Well, NYC is sure preparing for the big one! They’re canceling flights and closing schools and we’re all waiting around like it’s going to be Armageddon. I mean, it might just be. As of yet, I haven’t seen one snowflake. They say they’re on the way so I’ll keep you posted.

Jack Frost nipping at my nose are not the nips I prefer. I hate to be cold. It is half the reason I ran from the East Coast to the west. Boston is just too cold for my blood. Remember when I wrote about the awesome contest Revitalash was running? It was to fly a lucky winner and her guest to Los Angeles, walk the red carpet of the “When In Rome” premiere and stay at the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel. When I read the contest I was thinking “I hope someone from Scottsdale or Maui doesn’t win this!” I mean, come on! It’s flipping freezing on the east coast! Apparently Hannah from Revitalash thought the same thing because the winning number was random, but her mojo must have been putting off the Massachusett’s energy. The winner Cecilia Albano was from a town a little more then an hour away from Beantown. Or should we say Freezetown? I was so happy that someone won who would be able to appreciate the sunshine! I called Hannah and Eunice over at Revitalash and said that would love to take the winner Cecilia and her friend Jennifer to Beverly Hills to The Ivy for lunch. If you’re going to be attending a premiere in the evening that lord knows you need to be lunching at The Ivy. Yes, I just said “lunching” it’s what we do there babe!Kiss  Don’t Cecilia and Jennifer look very Hollywood behind their shades?

Hannah and Eunice are no dummies! They said “count us in!” We had a date! The five of us met at the Ivy and we were seated at the best table on the patio. As I sit here typing this in fear of becoming an icicle I look back at Cecila and Jennifer and our glorious lunch. The birds were chirping, the sun was out, Patti Stanger from Millionaire Matchmaker was at the next table loudly complaining about issues with her show. Ahh, home sweet home. Anyway, Cecilia and Jenifer were just as sweet as my Ivy Gimlet and they promised to let me know how the premiere went.

How cool a company is Revitalash? I mean Hannah and Eunice really do it up! I want to tell you a quick story that could have gone tragic very easily. When I was a model I had a photo shoot for Ferrari. The makeup artist did extremely heavy makeup on me. So heavy that I didn’t notice that when she asked to “shape up my left brow” she actually meant pluck it all off! She had it drawn back on so I didn’t know until I got home and washed my face AND SCREAMED!

Maybe an evil make up artist did not pluck your entire brow out, maybe you went a bit to heavy handed yourself. When your friend told you that the woman at the nail salon with no eyebrows was probably not the best choice to shape your brows maybe you didn’t listen. Thick brows are back and now with Revitabrow you can undo the error of your ways!

All you have to do is apply the wand to your sparse eyebrows everyday. The peptides and secret sauce in there will get back! It’s amazing and maybe a fabulous gift for the mom that decided to just shave them off and get them tatted on!

Revitalash is an amazing company that really cares about there clients. A few days after the premier, as promised Cecilia sent me an email. She said “Hi Meg,
I just wanted thank you for lunch at The Ivy!  I had a great time.
The premiere was fabulous.  Walking the red carpet was an experience I will never forget.
Take care,
Cecelia Albano”

How nice is that?! You can feel good supporting a company that treats its clients like that!

Anyone else have any good eyebrow stories?

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