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Meg here! 13 days and smoke free!! Woohoo! It’s definitely getting easier everyday and I’m getting more and more compliments on how great my skin has been looking.

Stopping smoling has made my face look clearer and brighter within just a couple weeks but there is one thing it hasn’t stopped…My hormones. With PMS kicked into high gear and both my mood and my skin out of balance, my monthly pimple emerged.

I could feel my frightful visitor about to arrive at my doorstep (If the doorstep was on my forehead, right between my eyes.) Luckily, it was the same day as Relogy arrived at my door!

Relogy was touting itself as a “Natural Acne Treatment.” I quickly opened up the box, broken down into an easy 3 step process labeled Step 1 and Step 2 and then topped off with an easy spot targeted pen-I couldn’t wait to get started and nip this third eye in the bud.

That night, I hopped in the shower and started my Relogy journey. Step 1 is a face wash. With a few pumps from the dispenser, a foamy mousse was dispensed. It spread light and evenly across my face and washed off clean. No tight or sticky feeling, no residue left. What exactly is in thisStep 1: Relogy’s Rinse-Free Foam penetrates deep into the skin’s surface to start clearing acne immediately, while soothing naturals promote a healing, redness reducing, anti-inflammatory effects. Tough on acne bacteria, this product is still gentle, smells great, and feels silky on your skin.  And, it’s 100% benzoyl-peroxide free!” 

OK, that was easy enough, now how about Step 2? The bottle says to use a pea size amount and that it’s Natural Skin Balancing Lotion is the ultimate side-effect preventer, keeping your skin soft, with just the right level of hydration for smooth, healthy, glowing skin.”  I used a pea sized amount but I did add another pea to the soup. This lotion went on very light and spreadable. It wasn’t a heavy moisturizer but felt more like a serum on application. I really liked it.


The third step? The stainless steel roller ball spot control is for specific care targeting (that third eye I speak about.) I have been using this routine for the past 6 days and I am happy to report that there was nothing to have to conceal or (Yes, I admit it. Squeeze and pop.) Period due tomorrow and I have no zingers!

I love that Relogy is animal cruelty free and vegan (you know how I’m a stickler on animal friendly products.) Its gentle formula is safe for skin that usually is prone to irritation or redness since so many acne fighting products use such harsh chemicals.

So now, with my Relogy Acne Fighting Routine, my nightly Apple Cider Vinegar shots and my kicking cigarettes, I’m going to be like Benjamin Buttons. Everyday I may not be getting younger but I am definitely looking better and healthier.

I’m really loving how easy it is to have such great skin. I have this amazing app on my Iphone. It’s called “Period Tracker” and it tracks when your ovulating, when you’re the most fertile and WHEN YOUR PERIOD IS ON IT’S WAY! It gives you the exact date. This makes my planning business trips a God send! Nothing worse than flying on Day 1 of dear friend Flo. Now, one week before I am due (and my most oily) I will be breaking out my Relogy, by doing this, I’m guaranteeing these will be the only “break outs” that I see!

Sometimes, you have to change up your skin routine depending on what your hormones are putting you through. I’m glad I have found this gentle yet effective acne blaster. Go check out the free shipping and 2 extra gifts with purchase that Relogy is offering!!

How about you? do you ever change up your routine depending on what time of the month it is? Do you use a natural acne treatment?

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