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Meg here! Happy New Year! I know, we’re well into 2014 but better late than never? Before the madness of the hoidays, I was invited by my friend Jennifer Chan from E! Online to try a new line going into Sephora. The line is called Radical Skincare and it is fabulous! The founders of the line, Liz and Rachel are a strong endorsement that it really works. I can personally attest that these sisters give some great face! Their skin is flawless. It might help that their father is a well respected plastic surgeon and they grew up working in their father’s lab. When Rachel developed terrible rosacea and Liz was not seeing results with the current products on the market, they decided to take matters into their own hands.


The duo never had the intention to take their potion to market. They made it for their own personal use but something happened… Rachel’s rosacea, an ailment that had her on THREE different medications-completely cleared up. Liz wasn’t the only one that noticed that her skin was looking younger. People were stopping her on the street wanting to know her secret. 

I know these sisters are fabulous and beautiful and somehow they managed to get the prototype of their product off to Melanie Griffith. Yes, that Melanie Griffith. Working Girl, Tess McGill herself. You know how many free things celebrities get sent? Let me fill you in-A LOT. 

Cut to my invitation to Radical Skincare’s launch. Some time passed and Griffith became a huge fan of the line. Enough of a fan that she offered to have a party IN HER HOUSE. To celebrate the launch of Radical skincare’s arrival at Sephora, Liz and Rachel held a party with Melanie. The party had aestheticians on hand providing facials and encouraging the guests to really get to know the line. I have to agree that it’s a winner!


I will get more in depth with each product but I have to start with my absolute favorite. I am really in love with Radical Skincare’s Revitalizing Mask.

This mask applies like a serum and soaks in to where your skin really needs it but here’s the kicker. It foams and gets all sudsy. The technology that delivers the nutrients is a new sensation. I felt like I had pop rocks on my face, but in a fun way. Ok, let me edit that. It felt like I had a fine glass of champers bubbling away, turning my dry and tired skin fresh and glowing.

I absolutely LOVE this mask and grab for it constantly. It’s no mess, no drip and the results are really beautiful. It only takes 10 minutes and you’ve got a new, clean-fresh canvass. My skin really felt tons smoother and looked a lot healthier after the first application. I am a huge devotee!

I hope the video gives the mask justice and you can see how great it foams! Check this line out. Radical Skincare delivers Radical Results! What’s your favorite mask application?


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