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Lately I’ve been living the life of a 20 year old rockstar dude. Wrecking hotel bathrooms all over NYC. Staying out til 7am. Drinking til I find myself face down in the gutter (figuratively speaking). Eating French fries with gravy at the diner before bedtime. Sleeping in my make-up. I’m hardly even getting hang overs any more, which leads me to believe that I am thoroughly saturated, thru and thru with vodka. Scary. I have my best friend from Australia here in NYC with me for 3 weeks, and we haven’t stopped the whole time. Concerts, shows, excessive shopping, dinner out EVERY NIGHT!! I practically have pneumonia, but I didn’t let that slow me down! I am pretty impressed with our debauchery (don’t worry, there has been no harm done to children, spouses, or small animals. And I’m pretty sure I haven’t gotten a tattoo yet).

And where I have not harmed any living creatures (Yet…she’s still here for three more days) , I have done a number on my skin! All the toxins are expelling themselves out for the world to see. My scarlet letter is in the form of: BLACK HEADS! PIMPLES! WRINKLES! And DULL SKIN!! I guess you can’t be in your 30’s and live the life of a rockstar dude without consequences. And mine are written all over my face. So now I need to address the issues. NO! Not my issues of partying like it’s 1999! But my skin issues. And what better then a great at home facial starting with a mask to suck up all that dirt and oil I’ve been collecting in my pores.

I have been trying TONS of new masks these days. Peel off masks, thermal masks, masks that make me look like a serial killer when I wear them. But I keep going back to my good ol’ stand-by: Queen Helene Mask in Mint Julep. I think this mask has been around since the ante bellum days, and that is because it is and oldie that actually is a goodie! You want to suck out blackheads? Skip those stupid biore strips! Just slather on some Queen Helene Mint Julep, let it dry and then BEHOLD!! The blackheads are gone! You want to dry up an ugly zit? Dab on some Queen Helene over night and you’ll wake up to a much smaller blemish, Use it on your whole face and the minty freshness gives tired skin a rejuvenated look. It smells yummy, is totally versatile and affordable. How can you go wrong?

Any other Queen Helene fans out there? What are your must-have drugstore masks?

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