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Caroline here! What a week! After Halloween hauntings, Obama winning and Prop H8ers protesting, I think we can all use another Friday! I have spent the last two weeks fulfilling the requirements of the pūr~lisse pūr~bright test! Founder/owner Jennifer Yen set forth the rules two weeks ago when I met her at Fred Segal, where we celebrated the first West Coast retailer to carry the Asian-herbal-fruit themed products. To complete the test I was to use pūr~lisse pūr~bright ($135) everyday for two weeks and watch the illuminating, brightening effects come forth. Indeed this is a worth-while product! Effective, efficient, refined, odorless and as pure as you will find in the cosmetics aisle.

Yen’s granmother strongly influenced her decisions to use only fresh ingredients (that means no parabens to preserve shelf-life – that means you only have 6 – 8 weeks to use the product but google “paraben” and you will thank Jennifer and her granmother). The formula includes a patent pending Lotus Lupine complex that blends Blue Lotus and White Tea, along with avacado, licorice and vitamin C. The best thing about my experince meeting Jennifer Yen and getting to try to her fabulous brightening serum was that I got a bag full of Blue Lotus White tea and White Chocolate covered fortune cookies – the perfect balance of East meets West.

Jennifer’s good looks and Chinese ancestery lends a winning combination to pioneer completely fresh, paraben-free products for women like her – not too fusy, but completely fabulous.

I couldnt help myself. Per Wikipedia: Parabens are a group of chemicals widely used as preservatives in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries … They are becoming increasingly controversial, however, and some organizations which adhere to the precautionary principle object to their everyday use.

Any other ladies love the natural Pur~lisse?


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