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glowSweet Polly Purebred probably tried “Pure & True” products just based on their company name alone. Jeanasina here! I got to try the Glow Intensive C Rejuvenating Serum product by Pure & True because Meg loves me and sent it to me! YAY!!!

I have to quote the company because I was totally revved up as I read about them, listen to this: “We believe that true beauty is a sense of peace and well-being – indulging oneself while giving back and treading lightly on the Earth. As a company, we truly care about the way that we conduct business, the choices we make, and how these choices impact our health and environment. We are dedicated to creating luxurious organic products that make a difference for everyone.” Their words are “love pure” which is their commitment to pure ingredients!

As I mentioned, my product to try from this lovely company is called GLOW Intensive C Rejuvenating Serum. Doesn’t that name itself sound nice? Anything that has the word ‘rejuvenating’ as part of it’s name says to me that there is a possibility of major changes happening in the dastardly skin department! The formula comes in an clean looking white decanter with a silver top which looks quite impressive on your vanity. It stands out as a ‘high end’ product. Under the cap is a push dispenser which doles out the magic, rose hip, infused with vitamins C & E and several other natural ingredients, product. This serum is structured to revitalize your skin and promote collagen synthesis and lighten hyper pigmentation. All those things are things I have my hand raised up in the air for daily while I shout “Pick me! Pick me! I need those things! I need collagen for droopy skin” and I have hyper pigmentation big time which is another way to say “horrible, unsightly, stupid-for-sun-bathing-like-a-maniac-skin-damage!” Bring it! Slather me up – make it transform! GLOW was easy to use as it’s intent is to be a one step treatment that combines the power of a serum and the hydration of a moisturizer. It can be used as an eye treatment and all over the face and neck. For best results you should use it on clean skin morning and night! This means don’t put it on immediately after you get home from your mud-wrestling gig.

I wanted to see if it could really do anything for my most damaged area which happens to be my chest. If you want to see how much skin damage you have so far on your chest, do this, go stand in front of your mirror, now take both of your arms and while they are bent at the elbow, use your arms to push in your boobs so they are almost touching and now LOOK at the skin on your chest in the mirror! This really shows you how damaged that particular skin area is and WHY you need to STOP tanning! I get the dry heaves every time I do this and look at my own chest! EEEW! That’s just so wrong!  When I do that it looks like leather unlimited meets a 90 year old desert dweller. As my story continues…my face really has been doing well on the regimen I currently use some other products so I wanted to test this new product on skin that looks more brutalized to really give it a challenge! No sense using it on an area that already looks good right? It would be like using bleach on a brand new never worn pair of white socks! Hard to really judge if it is effective. You gotta have dirt to remove first and in my case, you gotta have some undesirable chest skin to heal! My first thought was that this reminds me a lot of one of my current favorites, Ole Henriksen truth serum collagen booster (which I really love!). I think they are along the same lines in what they are geared to do. Although where the OH product comes out like orange clear serum the GLOW comes out more like a thick yellowish creamy substance. It almost has a perfume smell but it’s pretty subtle and dissipates very quickly. The product does say it’s suitable for all skin types but is especially recommended for dry, pigmented, mature and sensitive skin. I totally qualify.

I have been using it for weeks now exclusively on my crusty skinned chest area and maybe I have a case of optimism eye but I really think it’s doing some healing! I think it’s less damaged looking! I wish there was a test, something like pregnancy tests only instead you by a product and use it for a month or so and then stick this paper on it and if it turns a certain color it means your skin is healing! Wouldn’t that be great? I like to think my skin IS healing from the GLOW Intensive C. I have no doubt it would be amazing on my face and neck too! I think pure & true = a more beautiful you is undoubtedly a true statement on their part! I was even pleased to see that in the event you reach the bottom of the product – to the point where nothing comes out of the pump – with this product you CAN actually open it up and find a way to get every last drop out! It may require an extra long Q-tip but it’s do-able! I absolutely hate it when I have a product that is hermetically sealed up and I cannot get the stuff that is just sitting there at the bottom saying “nah nah you can’t get me!” If I pay for things I want access to ALL of it! I don’t waste anything! AS IF all of this goodness isn’t enough, I’m delighted to say that a percentage of their profits from the sale of their products is donated to a social or environmental charity! I like what I experienced so far!

I think my skin has genuinely benefited from using GLOW! I’d love to try their other products in the future, this appears to be a very lovely company!

Have any of you ladies experienced the magic of Pure & True Glow! 
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