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The amazing Wendy sent us the Pixi Hydrotint Duo to try in all of their beautiful and different shades.

There is a funny thing that happens to you after you live in Hollywood for a while (you’re probably not shocked by this). I moved to Hollywood after already living in Manhattan and South Beach, Miami. I moved here at 20 and had been part of the whole “scene” for a bit but it still catches up with you. I’m originally from Boston and yes, the cultural difference is shocking but after you’ve been in LA for a decade you completely forget that other life.

Once you have been to every hotspot by age 23 you start to need a reason to go to parties. I know, I sound like the laziest moron right now but it’s true. After the shower, the outfit the hair and make-up-I’m tired. I’m thirty years old. Just thinking about a big night out completely exhausts me. I’m like a senior citizen; I can’t go to places where I can’t sit down. I’m not about to push through a line, wait at a door, be elbowed in the back of a crowded party. I’m over it.

I watched The Simple Life last night and I didn’t even get the concept of the show. Why are those two girls touring? Is the joke supposed to be that they can’t skin a chicken? I can’t skin a chicken. Are we laughing at them or the families? Who the Hell still has an outhouse? I digress…

So, there was an opening that BeBe wanted me to come out for. The yeah yeah yeah’s were playing. I didn’t want to go. It was in a new beautiful location. I didn’t want to go. They had an open bar with premium liquor in a separate room where DJ AM was playing. I didn’t want to go. They were offering huge, massive tote bags filled with cool things to take as goodie bags. I got in the shower.

This, people, is what it has come to. I am a complete lazy ass unless you give me free things. Most of you probably have not gotten a “goodie bag” since that first grade birthday party you went to. It used to be a foreign concept to me as well. However, this is not The Hollywood way. With so many parties going on every night they need to lure guests. It has come down to bribery or “goodie bags”. Gross! Disgusting! Greed! I’m there.

The party was pretty fun and I was glad I went. Heather Graham was a sweetheart. Johnny Knoxsville is a jackass so I guess that show is perfect for him. There were lots of fun sightings, good music and food. I just couldn’t wait to get my goodie bag.

Back at my casa I decided to go through my booty. Lotions, Towels, Tee-Shirts, Dishes (even a bathmat) powders, coupons for freebies, liquor and…LIPGLOSS!!

I loved the lip gloss. It was in an amazing shade. The staying power was brilliant! It was by a company called “PIXI”. I had never heard of this company before. I needed more PIXI. I emailed Wendy. She responded. She sent us out another PIXI product. Thus, The Hydrotint’s arrived!

Wow! The package was great! The concept of a lip sheen and cheek flush 2-in-1 was brilliant. Hooray for the goodie bag market research!

Here is what PIXI has to say about their Hydrotint Duo…“This triple-purpose product contains an anti-oxidant-rich, age-defying tinted moisturizer SPF 20 in the tube and a vitamin-enriched, lip and cheek tint for a healthy flush of fresh color in the cap”.

Ladies please Post your reviews on Pixi’s Hydrotint Duo, let me know if it was worth the hair and outfit!

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