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ladysleepMeg here! Maybe you’ve noticed I’ve been really quiet on here. Don’t be mad. I was filming the most amazing TV show that you guys are going to love! Great story, the best beauty A-List experts in the industry and who did I film with? None other than Russel Brand! I swear you lovelies are going to flip! Jeanasina has picked up the slack and written an amazing article on something we all have and need…Our pillow!

Hey everybody! Jeanasina is in the house and I want to talk to you today about my pillow! How many of you have a favorite pillow that you sleep on? Go ahead, go grab your pillow and get comfy and let’s talk about our pillows!

You all remember the story of Little Red Riding Hood? Remember how she went to the bear’s house and tried all the chairs and beds until she found the one that was just right? It has taken me YEARS to find the pillow that was ‘just right’ for me!

I remember when I was young, going to sleepovers… I ALWAYS brought my own favorite pillow to the party!  You did that too right? Still do it?

I started out in my youth with a feather pillow but it turned out that I had allergies, so that was a BAD idea from the get-go. Then, I had a really FAT foam pillow! I piled TWO of these fatties on top of each other! I slept that way for years! Foam was definitely the way to go for a long time! I was a stomach sleeper, when I went to sleep, I’d be on my stomach and my face would be up in the TWO pillows so that my NECK was jacked way back! Are you picturing this? Neck Violation of the Highest Order!

In the past 7 or so years, I have gone through MANY different pillows still trying to find the ONE that will help me to sleep all night without tossing and turning! Even more of a goal was to find one that allowed me to wake up without NECK PAIN! Kiss

When I met my husband, he was all about getting a memory foam bed, so we of course had to have memory foam pillows! I liked them for awhile but they are HARD! My head barely sunk down each night and when I woke up I was never a happy camper. Then I purchased a memory foam pillow contour pillow where one part is rather flat and then there is this ridge where you lay your head. Nope! Not even remotely interested in that thing!

My husband’s brother said “YOU GOTTA TRY THE TONY LITTLE PILLOWS THEY SELL ON HSN!” He swore they were the best thing that ever happened to his neck and sleep patterns. I shelled out about $80.00 to HSN (you had to purchase two) they were delivered to my doorstep. They are filled with “millions of micropedic beads”. They have ‘chambers’ which cradle your head and are supposed to ‘virtually eliminate the need for constant fluffing!” I used them for months and I did like them better than any other pillow I had tried. I still woke up with neck pain. I wouldn’t stay at anybody’s house without bringing these two pillows with me. They were the best so far!

I left my Tony Little pillows at my daughter’s house one day. I went to Walgreens and purchased the ‘Sobakawa Cloud Pillow’ as seen on TV! It was $19.95 and it was like my Tony Little pillows…“it’s made up of 10 million air beads!” It’s about 1/3rd the size of my Tony Little pillow (think pillow for a little kid with a little head). I think this was the travel size. I used it anyway because I was desperate! These pillows claim to stay cool so you don’t wake up with ‘HOT HEAD’ and have to turn your pillow over constantly. I didn’t find that to ring true with either pillow but I do think both these brands are GREAT for cuddling or putting between your legs for comfort or so you don’t roll over onto your face. My head must be like an inferno because my pillows are always ready to fry an egg on after I sleep on them!

Bringing me to the present. I have been going to a chiropractor (a REALLY GREAT ONE) I saw on display there, a pillow that is filled with WATER! They highly recommended this for my neck. So I researched the Chiroflow and the Mediflow Water Based Cervical Neck Support Pillows and found out that a LOT of people LOVE them! So…I found the best price I could and also purchased a quilted cover for the pillow and I ordered one! These two brands are almost identical but I went with the Mediflow!

I watched instructions on the internet on how to fill it up and man, I gotta tell you, I was SKEPTICAL! The first night I slept on it after having my husband fill it with water, was the FIRST time EVER in years that I DIDN’T turn over every 2 hours and move my pillow! I think I only turned over twice that night!

I’m a fan! I was worried it would be like a water bed and that I’d hear sloshing sounds all night long, but I don’t! The thing weighs about 8 lbs filled up so I really can’t have a pillow fight easily with this pillow!

The reason I’m bringing up pillows to begin with is…we ALL need our BEAUTY sleep and sleep is one of the number one important things that keeps us healthy in SO many ways!  When you feel rested your face looks GOOD! You know how sexy a woman looks in the morning after she’s had a good night’s sleep (or sex)! Well…having a good pillow is like having a contented sleepover with your best friend every night!

My head is worth a billion zillion dollars to me, so whatever the cost of a pillow that makes my head happy IS…THAT is what I’m willing to pay! The Mediflow Waterbase Pillow company says that it is ‘clinically shown to improve quality of sleep and reduce neck pain’ – I think they are on to something!

What’s your pillow of choice? Sweet dreams until I talk to you all again!

Buy it here!

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