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BAMBOOWEARSweetassgal here thinking about change and growing up.  Spring is in the air here in the Sacramento Valley and with all things brings change.  Good change if you ask me because the flowers are blooming, the kids are out playing in the park and I’m looking at this season’s cutest strappy sandals.  Just got a new fuchsia pair which are a shameless knock off of the one’s Carrie wore on her “last night out in old New York” date with Big.  But I don’t care…they make my feet do a happy dance and remind me how claustrophobic my tootsies have been all winter! 

Change in my life has brought me to a realization.  At 35 years old I think I’ve finally had to grow up.  Not that I’ll ever REALLY be a grown up.  I still laugh at Scooby Doo, ride the Zipper at my town’s Carnivale, and try not to step on a crack lest I break my Mama’s back. But all “kid at heart” things aside I think I’ve finally arrived at that synergistic point where my life’s experience has blended with my career goals and landed me smack dab in the middle of grown up Adultville. Population me.

The glorious thing about that kind of evolution is that you can look back, see how far you’ve come and laugh at the little mistakes and bumps in the road along the way. I’ve certainly made some doozies. A certain oddly pyramid shaped bob with sky high bangs in the 80’s comes to mind compounded with my propensity for color coordinating my eye shadow to my matching scrunch socks. YIKES! But now I’m all grown up, making business travel plans and learning to dial from a cell phone that doesn’t even have a keypad! What the heck is that about???

A while back I reviewed Physician’s Organic pressed powder. The powder itself was good but the packaging was less than adequate. Though I applauded the company for the totally recyclable materials, the compact fell apart before I could get halfway through it and it wasn’t exactly aesthetically pretty. The good folks at Physician’s must have read my review (because as we all know the product development people at EVERY makeup company sit on pins and needles waiting to know what I think) and they completely revamped their packaging! It looks like after various changes and mistakes of their own, Physician’s organic line is growing up too. Introducing Physician’s Formula Organic Pressed Powder and Bamboo Wear compact case. It’s love-er-ly!

The first thing I noticed about this new line is that the compact is not only unique but also very pretty in its way. Made of bamboo, a highly renewable and natural resource, it has a magnetic compartment for refillable powder or bronzer, a built in mirror and comes with a bamboo brush applicator. You can buy the powders and bronzers separate according to your color preference and recycle the used tins once they’re empty. All of this AND it’s still pretty!

According to the website…”Each Bamboo Wear Face Powder and Bronzer Refill contains this highly sustainable, nutrient-rich and illuminating powder that delivers skin-renewing and skin-conditioning benefits for the perfect airbrushed finish.”

  • Remineralizes – Revives skin with essential minerals needed to maintain an even skin tone, texture and healthy-looking complexion.

  • Rebalances – Absorbs excess oil for a fresh, comfortable feel and finish without a drying effect.

  • Restores – Smoothes skin surface and blurs fine lines while providing a toning and lifting effect that begins upon application.

Though I like the powder I am still not a fan of the tiny flat brush. I need really good coverage so I use a puff for application and it works well. The first time I gave the powder a really good swirl with the puff the tin swiveled around and I thought the magnetic concept wouldn’t work. But it’s actually a plus because it allows the powder to not get worn in one area only. Plus the powder is two toned so this gets a great blend of the two colors together. I’m sticking with my original review about the staying power and coverage. Again, it’s a great light formula that keeps your oil down and gives a natural finish but it doesn’t have all day lasting coverage. Good thing the compact is cool because you won’t mind pulling it out to reapply.

A word of advice about using the compact…I recommend what I call the “clover” effect. Flip the top 1/3 to the left, the bottom 1/3 to the right and you’ll have access to the mirror and the powder at the same time. Doing this makes it look like a three leaf clover and make application a breeze!

I guess growing up isn’t so bad. Whether you’re a 35 year old Pollyanna like me or a makeup company just trying to bring us fabulous organic options, change and growth is good. Just make sure you always keep your childlike curiosity, no matter how grown up you may be you’re still someone’s baby and yes…there’s still always room for jello! GLAM ON!!!



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