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Gigi here! The white coat I wear for official scientific skin care product testing is in the washer, and thus we’ll deal with other items today.  Okay, the truth—drugstore skin care is costly, as you know; companies claim that the benefits are all-inclusive, promising flawless skin and swampland in Florida.   I try any line for a minimum of two weeks before I feel competent about filling my lovely pink champagne flutes or leaving them empty.
I had read that Physicians Formula mineral concealer is worthy of consideration.  On my way down the aisle to purchase it, I heard, “Psst, gullible—over here!” from another display by this firm.  I turned away and I swear Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way” played as it beckoned again.  I found two products which work best in tandem:  Their new Line Erase Rx Wrinkle-Filling (and Firming and Lifting) Concealer and CoverTox Ten50™ Wrinkle Therapy Face Powder, each about $8.99.  The words that made me finally hand over my debit card?  “Needle-free instant results” (I like those) and “proven.”  I’m a sap for numbers, and the packaging states “70% reduction in deep lines” (for concealer) and “Over 50% visible wrinkle reduction in ten minutes” and “90% visibly smoother skin in ten days” (for the powder).  Be still my heart!  Was this possible?  I knew what to do:  check out the ingredients.
These read like an encyclopedia, but some of the most powerful are Hyaluronic Acid, currently popular and believed to stimulate the production of Collagen, the “glue” that keeps skin from losing elasticity and remaining supple.  Collagen has been nicknamed “the elixir of youth.”  GABA is an amino acid which works in conjunction with the central nervous system; it has been shown to calm and relax the body, including the facial wrinkles developed from stress, frowning, squinting, etc.  Lecithin is present in food but is also an emollient that fills in and plumps lines.
The concealer is available in soft yellow as well as natural shades.  Don’t eschew yellow—long ago, Mary Kay was a pioneer in recognizing its efficacy in combating red patches, dark circles, and blemishes.  The majority of foundations use yellow in various degrees for this reason. The concealer comes in a wand dispensed by twisting the bottom.  Place dots under eyes and then blend oh-so-softly with your ring finger from the outside in, as it is your weakest and the least likely to tug on your body’s most fragile tissue.  Although I don’t have wrinkles, veins tend to be visible here.  Gone!  I see the potential of laugh lines appearing.  I addressed these as well and covered two small blemishes.  It was easy to use.

The powder can be worn alone or over makeup.  Though I am quite fair, “Translucent Medium” enhanced my skin and kept me from looking like a Goth.  Apply lightly, in downward strokes where you want to disguise pores (keep powder away from eyes, except to dust lids as a primer, as it will draw attention to creases).  I was surprised that Physicians Formula would make such bold claims, but there was a huge difference in my appearance!  My skin felt more taut and was brightened and refined.  I wore it to bed (for shame).  I awoke with the products still intact.  Ah, they last. Then I did a terrifying thing:  I cleansed and reapplied in the brutality of the morning sun.  Once more, I was transformed!  My sister had the same stunning results.  I was tempted to leave the house just that way.  Okay, so I used a little color, but I knew that my skin looked good and felt the same.  Fill the flutes!


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