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organicwearGigi here! I must admit that I am just becoming a devotee of natural and organic beauty products, our focus for today, for one particular reason.  Actually, I “went green” long before it was in vogue and it did not have a happy ending.  This true story is on my profile here, remains etched in my mind’s all-time moments of humiliation,  and bears repeating for those of you who most likely haven’t read it.

My auburn hair is probably one of my best features.  Some years ago, I went to a stylist.  As he trimmed my locks and admired the color variations of my virgin strands, he suggested that I strip it entirely and then dye it to make it even more glossy, more eye-catching.  I plead temporary insanity as I followed his advice.  Horrors.  Horrors beyond horrors!  I didn’t dream of what would happen, but wound up sobbing a new river into existence.  My hair was white–not blonde.  My husband tried to be sincerely sympathetic but guffawed instead.  I went to my sister’s for empathy, needing to cry on her shoulder.  Her young sons laughed themselves silly, rolling around on the carpeting, squealing in their high-pitched voices, “Mommy!  Daddy!  Aunt Gigi looks just like Billy Idol!”  The problem was they were absolutely precise with their description.  All I needed was a spiked dog collar, brass knuckles, black leather everything, and a slew of heavy chains to be his groupie.  This couldn’t be happening to me . . . someone wake me when this is over.
So another brilliant scheme came to mind–I would travel to my local beauty store and purchase a few bottles of hair dye to mimic the multi-tonal hues of my natural hair.  I bought several different shades and was assured that I could undo the damage by the saleswoman (also supposed to be a beauty advisor).  What I was not told is that these colors have base undertones and I chose some with yellow and others with blue.  Recall the Zip Lock commercial?  Yellow and blue make green!  Goodbye Billy, hello leprechaun Gigi!  My hair rivaled the emerald hills of Ireland.

After hours of having my lengthy, once-perfect waves cut and colored to undo the damage, I still recoil at the thought of watching the long locks fall at my feet.  The top stylist was able to turn me to a dark olive at best–too much damage had been done.

I couldn’t feign illness for the rest of the school year and showed up on Monday feeling like the emperor in his new, non-existent clothing.  At least fifty students asked me before lunch if I knew my hair was green and short.  I wanted to say, “No, I hadn’t noticed that I am a bald freak, so it’s appreciated” but kept it to myself  Out of utter frustration, I finally ended an afternoon class early, sat on the middle of the desk, and belted out the full version of “It’s Not Easy Being Green” from the Muppets!  Better to laugh with my students than be the object of their humor.
It is only recently that I have quit hyper-ventilating over green in packaged containers.  One of them is Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Tinted Moisturizer.  The leaf design and verdant lid makes for pretty packaging, and the smell is pleasantly herbal.  Keep in mind–this is first and foremost a moisturizer with an SPF of 15, and thus you will feel as though you are applying a cream.  The ingredients read like a vegan’s diary:  Jojoba, sunflower, avocado oils and shea butter are combined to hydrate thirsty tissue.  Despite the ingredients, it is lightweight and non-greasy.   It leaves a dewy, not oily, finish. There are no parabens which mimic estrogen and have been linked to breast cancer.  The formula is cruelty-free (yes!) and also free of preservatives and other potentially noxious ingredients. It is perfect to wear without foundation on days when your complexion behaves and less is more.   Multi-tasker?  This is for you!Kiss

The hues blend with your own and correct uneven skin tones, covering unsightly conditions like blotches and more.  Coverage is buildable and controllable.  The moisturizer comes in four shade nuances from light to dark and there is no–wait, almost no–chance of overdoing it and winding up with the “dreaded orange mask,” a state caused by foundation too deep for women but used anyway.  No matter how old I get, I seem to run into an “orange masker” at least a few times a week. Please tell me that you aren’t one . . .

If you have noteworthy blemishes or patches, try mixing this moisturizer with your regular foundation.  The shade will remain much the same but you will be nourished as well as enhanced.  I’ve used powdered compact and mineral foundation over the moisturizer and the effect is an airbrushed look.

You’ll find that you’ll be saving green as well as using it, as the price for this dual-purpose gem is around $10.95.  Perhaps being green isn’t as frightening as I thought.

Who else is turning green and running out to get Physician’s Formula?

Check it out here or at your drugstore!

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