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Gigi here, with a Drugstore “Delight!”

Yes, you do live “in perfect”–that is, if you reside near a Walgreen’s like those in Pittsburgh and its suburbs, where I often wonder just what is put in the coffee Walgreens’ employees consume. They’re not just helpful–they are ridiculously accommodating and patient! Two months ago I purchased serums and loved them. They came from Perlabella, an Italian firm now distributing in this country. As usual, the Drugstore Deals Reviewer tries a product, puts it aside, and attempts to return to it with an unbiased view before penning a critique. I had a very difficult time finding the products again and used all of my original supply. A lovely woman and a young male store manager at Walgreens kindly took much time to sort through rearranged Christmas displays to find the items I sought–Perlabella PureDose Pearls–anti-aging, anti-wrinkling serums for all skin types (Tricia and Chris, don’t you realize that customer service is a thing of the past?). These items are all-around winners! For $6.99, you receive seven capsules generously filled with serum, from Vitamin C and Q10 to pure Retinol for eyes or face/throat. The registered Microsponge┬« technology delivers timed-released amounts, minimizes irritation, and maximizes absorption.

The Vitamin C pearls are effective for all skin. Capsules deliver concentrated doses to protect your complexion against pollutants and dangerous ultraviolet light. It is a synergistic formula, including Vitamin E to moisturize, lessen the appearance of lines, and impart light-reflecting pigment which leaves you luminous. Q10, a gentle vitamin-like enzyme, does much the same, along with giving skin repair and regeneration a boost. Simply twist open a capsule in the morning and then another at night and apply. The silky serum disappears into skin instantly and improves the look of your complexion, leaving your face as a perfect canvas for moisturizer, makeup primer, and/or makeup. I savor Estee Lauder’s CP+ Perfectionist Wrinkle Lifting Serum (I strayed again, but there was a free gift with purchase!), but Perlabella has worked as well for me as the pricier Lauder formula.

Retinol can be harsh but is a proven remedy for skin damage, as it sloughs away old cells, plumps others, and stimulates the production of collagen. Collagen is the substance that gives your skin elasticity and keeps it firm, but we lose it with age. Retinol has also proved invaluable in smoothing out uneven skin tones and blotches. Just a word of warning: This is not for the faint of skin! The exfoliating action can aggravate tender tissue and cause itching and redness. Again, it glides on and your skin is like satin, with no oily film. Discontinue use at the first sign of sensitivity.

As the lines I’m developing on my throat make me want to run so that I am not served for Thanksgiving dinner, I’ve found that the Retinol is reversing my much-dreaded “turkey neck.” What truly sold me on Perlabella? This company could contest that continual use is necessary, but they don’t. They recommend using the products on treatment schedules (two or four weeks), four times a year. That’s rare honesty. Other companies would have you believe that you can’t survive a day without their items, but a firm that is not out just for my money is one I highly respect. This is great quality, affordable for all. Wait–while shopping, make sure you pick up the vitamin supplements and omega oils the lovely Meg and Mariana discussed earlier this week. Without tending to your beauty internally, all is for naught. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

Any one else in beauty cyberspace have thoughts on the fantastic Perlabella?

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