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It’s very cool when one of our readers write to me and ask me about a specific product. Amina emailed a while back about
Perfekt Skin Perfection Gel . I didn’t know much about the product so I did what I do. I emailed the most precious and perfect Kristin and asked her to send off some samples to Meg’s Make-Up for review.

Once the samples arrived I mailed Amina one off immediately to thank her for introducing us to this line and so she could do her own market research!

Sometimes you want to hide. I know sometimes I do. Sometimes you look in the mirror and see red splotches, sometimes you get really eager squeezing and picking at your face like you’re part of a demolition crew. If you’re like me you get into fits of picking and squeezing right before a major event. No, I never do major surgery on my face when I’ll be in all week. It’s like a major compulsion. I only do dramatic damage to my face before a hot night out or before I know I’ll be having a bunch of pictures taken.

With all due respect to Perfekt, this is not what you need for those mornings after.

Nope, this will not do it for you if there has been some major excavating.

What this will do? I’ve found it minimizes pores, it is super light and provides coverage. It only prevents a clear palette to uneven skin tones. It does rid you of unslightly blemishes-but only slightly…It’s light, light as air and it feels like you’re wearing nothing.

If you have a slightly uneven complexion and not one for wearing heavy make-up then this product is for you!

Ladies, what do you think about Perfekt Skin Perfection Gel?


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