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Troops! Red phone alert! This cry for help and guidance email just in!

Hi Meg,
Thanks for the quick reply! I was looking at the Skin Perfection gel. I believe the company makes only two products: for the skin and for the body.
Basically, I saw it on the Sephora website and then read the reviews on the official product website. The reviews were all positive ofcourse, I guess it was biased.
I want it to even out my skin tone, I dont have a big problem with enlarged pores, but I did want to hide a few blemishes here and there, and blackheads. It says it is oil and fragrance free which is always a plus. It seems like the kind of product that will greatly reduce the amount of time I spend hassling with foundation every morning. It also says it is light, as opposed to the ‘heavy’ feeling when you put on makeup. My only fear is that it might be very sheer and not cover much at all. I imagine it being an airy, mousse like gel like a makeup primer. In short, I want a natural look without having to put 5 different products, especially since I like to keep my makeup routine simple. I’m visiting family in 2 weeks! Yikes! And I just want something I can apply in 10 minutes and go! It looks promising, but I am VERY gullible.
I am a sucker for products that help you achieve “perfection” and Ive already shelled out so much on different products. I want to do my homework this time before I rush into yet another ‘perfekt’ product.

This is what it claims to do “Skin Perfection Gel
This multitasking miracle ‘per-fekts’ and enhances the skin offering an alternative to traditional foundation/primer. The all-in-one vitamin enriched, sweat-resistant and water-resistant formulation glides on effortlessly to instantly improve skin tone, reduce redness, and help minimize the appearance of enlarged pores and fine lines.

Enriched with powerful antioxidants including the universal antioxidant alpha lipoic acid, and vitamins A and E to help repair, protect, and fight future environmental skin damage, this lightweight gel helps maintain hydration leaving the skin with a healthy, even glow by locking in moisture and absorbing excess skin oils. Oil Free. Fragrance-free. Paraben-free.”

Amina is counting on you to help her spend her money wisely! $58 beans is a lot. Anyone feel Perfekt with Skin Perfection Gel! Don’t be shy-help a beauty lover out! Thanks for rallying ladies-Relax Amina, we have the most sophisticated beauty mavens on our side to offer their brilliant insights!

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