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originsMegken here! I need to ask a question: is it normal for a bro(meg)ken-up non-esthetician ex-girlfriend to attack you in an elevator and squeeze out your blocked pores?   Back in the day when I had lots of zits I had a choice, white  or “skin tone” Clearasil.  I have no idea why they thought that the white was “clear” maybe it had to do with the “Clear” in Clear-asil because it had nothing to do with the WHITE color.  I didn’t think I would still get zits at this age, well now we call them “blemishes”.  On that, lets talk about nomenclature just for a second here. “Blemishes”, first of all-a blemish is a flaw on a car. It’s not a disgusting pus spot growing on your face.

Origins has this product that I like however it’s called “Spot Remover”, despite sounding like something I need for my carpets it is the best thing I found to remove my gross facial visitors.   Well, why doesn’t someone come out with something and call it, “Zit Sh*t”?  I am serious.  But I am also serious when I  say despite it’s overly puritan name, Origins, Spot Remover, Anti-Blemish, Treatment works so well, and it’s also not white or “skin-tone”,  It’s just a clear gel that you use very sparingly.  I tried this on some of Meg’s PIMPLES, for lack of another zit word, and her skin is a little bit sensitive because she said it burned a little, it doesn’t burn me though.  Sometimes it feel good to have her suffer for beauty… Innocent

My feeling with Zit Sh*t is if it burns it works.

One more thing, if your dog is named Spot don’t try this product on your dog-he’ll disappear.

Anyone out there besides Me and pimple popping Meg that are fans of Origins Spot Remover? What zip zapper do you love?

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