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Hi Lovelies! Sweetassgal Hello lovelies! Sweetassgal here to let you guys in on a really great skin care secret…what you put on your skin really matters! Okay, so no shocker there but stop for a minute and think about that. We can take medicine through dermal patches on our skin which shows how we absorb all things placed on it into our bodies and into our organs. What we put on our skin and how we treat it makes all the difference. You wouldn’t drink harmful chemicals or pollutants so why would you ingest them through your skin in products that are supposed to beautify? Unfortunately most skin care products are laden with them and others just pretend to be natural and organic with cleaver packaging and marketing. There is no law against using the words on packaging so its buyer beware. Unless of course its Certified Organic just like Organic Apoteke’s Detox Face Mask and skin care line!

Organic Apoteke’s Detox Face Mask is a specially formulated clarifying mask that boosts microcirculation. This quality delivers incredients to your skin at a cellular level, increasing nurishment and oxygenation of the skin. This causes what they affectionately call “beauty blush” or a flushing of the skin which signifies the increased circulation and stimulation of your cells. As a result cellular waste is carried away from the skin and you are left with a glowing complexion that is balanced and oil production is reduced.

After first use I found my skin to be refreshed and invigorated but I did not experience the “beauty blush”…mostly because I always look like I’m blushing anyway. But Organic Apoteke says that’s okay and that the effects are still being absorbed into the skin. The mask is to be applied heavily and left on for a rather long 15 to 20 minutes. I felt the green clay and sea mud working almost immediately and liked the light scent. Since it was going to be a 15 minute treatment I chose to put it on in the tub and just relax. I don’t have a lot of time for that lately so working it into a regular schedule weekly might be difficult but possibly totally worth it. Eminece Organics has a 5 minute mask I love too that really leaves my skin soft so the Organic Apoteke has its work cut out if I’m going to bump my facial time up right now. Bath time over my skin looked great but not any better than the other mask products I’ve tried…until the next day.

Waking up the morning after I noticed my skin was still as soft and dewey as the evening before with one noticible difference…there were approximately four white heads on my skin, chin and nose. Most notably was the one on my chin. The day before it was one of those “underground volcano” kind of zits that sits angrily below the surface waiting to erupt at the worst possible time leaving the area red, swollen and painful. Today, post Organic Apoteke, the knot was completely reduced and just a small white head was left behind. The mask had managed to completely draw out all of my skins impurities and allow me to remove the white heads with little to no damage to my skin. I’ve never had a mask do that before. Most people might think it caused the pimples but it didn’t. I could feel them lingering below the surface (which entices me to want to “pick” at them and end up bruising my skin) and the mask simply brought them out gently with no redness. I love this. Its a way to bring out the pimple quickly before it gets worse and end the problem within just one day. Day two the small cap of the removed white head fell off and I was completely pimple free and left with no extra redness on my skin. That’s a perfect win for me!

Their website recommends the mask for overnight spot clearing of pimples and reviews abound online about how great others think the mask is. Since all of us Megettes received the mask I’m dying to hear what the others thought and if they had similar positive results. I’m also dying to try the Rejuvenating Eye Cream because every review I’ve read gave it a perfect 10 and everyone says its the best eye serum to address dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and properly balance your moisture level all in one product. Sign me up Organic Apoteke!!!! GLAM ON!!!!

Any other Organic Apoteke fans?

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