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Sweetassgal here tickled as pink as the new bag I received from Meg filled to the BRIM with goodie after goodie.  Honestly, I felt like my tote was the prettier second cousin of Mary Poppin’s carpet bag from which the treasures are never ending!  Thanks Meg and all of the wonderful vendors who contributed to a successful re-launch for our girl.  Truly you all ROCK!
I was very blessed to spend this last weekend at the beach in Aptos, California with one of my dearest friends Andrea and her entire Bachelorette party crew.  This was a group of girls (most significantly younger than me) who know how to party and have fun…but manage to be responsible and sensible as well.  This shows in their beautiful, youthful and unspoiled skin.  Remembering back to my twenties and the skin I once had I can now see just what occurs between the wonder years of 25 to 35…and if I could give those young girls just ONE piece of advice to take to their graves it would be above all to take care of your skin.  One girl in particular named Michelle had the kind of luminous skin that I’d give my left boob for!  It was absolutely lovely and I hope she is smarter than the average girl and protects this most precious commodity.  I’m quickly learning that an organic line like Organic Apoteke would be a smart choice in defending her derma!

I’ve been face mask rich lately as I seem to be lucky enough to be having them gifted to me from various sources so I’m really becoming quite an expert.  There are many things I look for as I learn more and more and am consistently impressed with the Organic Apoteke line.  In Meg’s bag I found a jar of the Rejuvenating Face Mask and as I always do I opened it immediately and gave a whiff.  The pleasantly and slightly citrus scent was yummy and the texture was rich and creamy.  Like the Detox Mask I reviewed earlier this increases your microcirculation and causes that “fresh face” blush.  Its loaded with ingredients that supplement collagen and elastin and leave your skin refreshed as well as fighting signs of aging.  Its a great mask to use weekly (as the Detox mask…once your skin has been thoroughly detoxified) and will go a long way because though you coat your face completely a little goes a long way.  The website says to use the night before for the perfect red carpet glow at a date the next day and I concur!  In fact I think I’ll try it out again before me and my husbands next date night! 
Organic Apoteke is just an amazing certified organic line and I’m always impressed with the quality of ingredients, effectiveness of application and the end results never disappoint.  If any other Megettes got it I’m super interested to hear what you think.  Until then I may just find a way to share some of this lovely concoction with Andrea and the rest of the Aptos crew to keep them fresh faced and 20’s lovely!  GLAM ON!!

Ladies did you feel red carpet ready with Organic Apoteke’s Rejuvenating Face Mask?

FYI- IT’S 30% OFF!!


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