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walnutscrubMegken here! Lets talk about face scrubs or as I like to call it, “sandpapering your face” for beauty.  Have you ever noticed that companies put different kinds of ingredients into your scrubs to give it that grit? There are also so many different things we do to our faces to age well, I mean- not us guys!Wink  We try a lot of techniques to keep our faces to our former youthfulness and none of them sound that healthy. There’s “dermabrasion”, “laser skin resurfacing” and “micro dermabrasion”.  Actually the word “horrifying” sounds less painful.“You enjoy your laser-dermabrasion-resuracing, I am just getting some horrifying done on my forehead.”

I am pretty into cars and waxes.  The hardest thing to take care of is a clear-coat. People who detail cars know that you have to be very careful with anything that can leave marring.  Certain products have aggressive abrasives in them and it can kill the shiny luster of a clear-coat. It ends up looking foggy.  Skin works differently because as I understand the process if your skin thinks that it was slightly damage it itself rejuvenates. What if it doesn’t? I don’t particularly like the idea of tricking my skin… but this the theory as I understand it with some cosmetic dermatologists’ treatments.  I like to think that the best way to take care of skin is to nurture it as if it was like my car with one coat of paint that I have to make last. About once a year I like to give my car a good polish and maintain it regularly with a solid Carnauba wax.

Back to the topic of sandblasting our faces and taking off the sluggish and damaged cells.  I have used these kind of scrubs in the past and I had problems with breaking out and irritations.   I think that face-scrubs used the right about of times and the right kind may be as good as a micro dermabrasion.  To manly me, a mirco dermabrasion is on a par to taking a power buffer to your paint.  I would only do if it was really needed, again a car’s paint can’t rejuvenate on its own so I am extra careful; even more careful than what I use on my face.  I think it’s good to go to sleep sometimes without washing my face. 

Usually it is because I am lazy but I like to think that leaving my natural oils on my face is good for it. I hate when my car is dirty.  I am not a dermatologist and in no way a professional car detailer, but I live in Los Angeles and own a car and a face.

One of the things I have noticed are all the different things companies are using in their scrubs to have that sanding effect… I have seen sugar, wax beads, tiny aluminum balls, crushed pits from various pits and shells from nuts.

I would love my car’s paint to take on what Ole Henriksen calls the “natural renewal cycle”.  I hope one-day a car company comes up with a way to do what my face does naturally, but I actually liked the Ole Henriksen Walnut Complexion Scrub so much that I hope they come out with a line of car detailing products.  They use “finely ground walnut power”.  I like walnuts.  Almonds and walnuts are my favorite nuts… Peanuts would be on their but they are legumes and doughnuts would be a favorite nut as well if they qualified. Sorry- I know you are thinking, “Megken you are a nut as well.” Ole Henriksen Walnut Complexion Scrub is creamy and has a great fragrance.  You can see the “finely ground walnut power” particles in the base of sink after you rinse it off. My skin felt very smooth and soft it was worth the sanding, I mean, the scrubbing feeling.  I guess some people like that but I am the kind of guy that trust that chemical (natural) can exfoliate as well as manual. The power as they call it is bigger than granules in other scrubs but I like it because I feel like I am really getting clean in the pores. Having the bigger pieces in there to me means I can be more delicate with my fingers if I scrub too hard it can be a bit irritating so I think that it’s a good thing to have them this size.  Beside this is a line I trust and this product is very high end and you can tell that it is beyond comparison to the stuff in your drug store.

I know Meg is “nuts” for Ole Henriksen, she turned me on to the brand and she’s been loving my scrub as well.

How do you ladies buff your face?

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