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The luscious Libby from Ole Henriksen sent Meg’s Makeup some of their brand new sunlight protection creme with spf 30 to review. We reviewed Ole’s other sunlight protection creme with chamomile that was geared to protect oily skin. The reviews were raves! Now we have green tea to help protect dry skin. How will Ole fare with this potion? Ole usually does so well on Meg’s Makeup. I know I’m supposed to be unbiased but I can’t live without my truth serum.

Green Tea as a beauty elixor is everywhere these days. Green tea is believed to help in the following: 1. Weight loss (as is evident by slim bodies that most Japanese women have) 2. Prevents cancer 3. Prevents heart disease 4. Helps to prevent osteoporosis 5. Fight free radicals helping the skin look younger. I guess having that as a main ingredient can only be a good thing. I would like to tell you a tale when green tea can go very wrong.

I am a spider. Skinny arms, skinny legs but I have a round middle. I know it is the wine. I’m on the slender side but there is always a little pouch round my tummy. I was reading an interview with Philip Bloch about Oscar secrets. Philip Bloch tells his celebrity clients to drink dieter’s green tea 2 days before the Oscars so they will have flat stomachs in their gowns for the big night.

Ah Hah! Like a flash I was driving to Whole Foods to buy this wonderful Dieter’s Green Tea! Finally, the secret I had been waiting for. What fool would do sit-ups when you could sip yourself to a flat stomach? I ran with a new sense of freedom and purpose through the aisles until I saw the magic box. Dieter’s Green Tea, I bought the last 3 boxes and could already feel the new me ready to emerge.

If I’m told to take one pill every 4 hours, I take 2. Instead of 2 glasses of wine I have 4. I smoke a pack of cigg’s a day. The directions for Dieter’s Green Tea was to not exceed two cups in 24 hours. First of all, I didn’t read that. Secondly, to be honest, it probably would mean I would drink 4 cups anyway because I figure they put the super cautious route on the box so they don’t get sued or something.

I know, brilliance like this does not come easy! I think it was about 3 in the morning when my stomach made that first deep rumble. The reason Philip Bloch tells his clients to drink the tea 2 days before the Oscars is because you are stuck in your powder room for all of day two. Yes, my stomach got flatter. It would work if you needed to drop weight very quickly and very temporarily for a big event. Just no long car rides, actually, don’t even think of leaving your house.

Green Tea and sun protection in one bottle! How lucky are we! Here’s what Ole says about their sunlight protection crème… ”soothing formula helps to minimize sun damage & environmental pollutants. Contains green tea & algae extract, plus lavender & grape seed oil. proper use may reduce the chance of premature aging of the skin & skin cancer. Paraben-free”!

Ladies please post if Green Tea is your wonder tonic!

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