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Ole Henriksen Pick Me Up-Face Mist

Ole Henriksen Pick Me Up-Face Mist

Pick Me Up-Face Mist? As in “I need a little pick-me-up”? Why does this scene keep flashing through my mind..
A scene by the most talented author to ever live. Yes, a scene from the fantastic Jacqueline Susann..This was either from the brilliant book or the movie. Doesn’t matter, the brilliance transcends…
Susan Lake: “I guess liquor’s considered pretty square”.
Petronella Danforth: “Same as grass. Depends on how you use it”.
Neely O’Hara: ” I WANT my PICK ME UP!! I WANT MY DOLLIES”!! (This line must be delivered in a desperate scream).
A Pick Me Up-Face Mist? I looked to the side of the bottle. It says nothing about operating machinery or causing sleeplessness. It doesn’t even suggest that you drink it. I’m starting to think Neely was not referring to this particular item. I’m starting to think that if I heard Neely scream that she wanted her “Pick Me-Up” and I pulled this out of my purse and sprayed her down she would slug me. Hard.
Oh, Neely. When will you realize you didn’t need those dolls! No one does (disclaimer, everyone does before class reunions, family reunions or before “accidentally” running into an ex). Why couldn’t you see you just needed a blend of Vitamin C and Alpha Hydroxy in spray form? I can’t help you if you won’t help yourself. God, Neely, I’m starting to feel like your enemy Helen Lawson:”The only hit that comes out of a Helen Lawson Show is HELEN LAWSON and that’s ME BABY! Remember”!! Remember that Neely. The hit is you. Not your dollies. The Pick Me-Up is the vitamin enriched spray, the glow that you exude.
Ladies please post if this spray helped make you feel like the ego-ccentric Helen Lawson. Please post if after this toner your skin was more stable then Susan Lake after 17 red dolls.

$ Ole Henriksen Pick Me Up-Face Tonic $

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