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ole henriksenMegken here – So I got some Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Gel. I thought this would be a great product because sometimes I get tired at night and I can use a little invigoration before a night out!! But that is not what this does.

It is supposed to invigorate your skin when you are sleeping. Now that I am at that age where I see age really taking its effects on friends from high school and college. I think it’s normal to see someone you haven’t seen in a decade and a voice in your head says “he got old.” Then I hear another voice say “look at those wrinkles.” It’s like a yenta-fest going on in my skull. The scary thing is then I hear my own voice, “do I look that old? I hope not.” 

I have to say that Meg‘s right when she says the Ole Henriksen makes good products. This stuff was really good. I like the texture and consistency when I put it on. It’s so pleasurable to put my fingers in that jar and take a cool glob out and rub it all over my face and neck. It has a clean fresh fragrance, a natural smell.  When I washed it off in the shower it made my skin feel very smooth and soft, it’s worth trying just so you can experience that feeling when you wash it off. I don’t think that “invigorating” is the right name but “smoothing mask gel” may be a good suggestion.

There is a dilemma I face for my face. If I wear a hat to protect my face from the sun, then I risk the hair loss from the hat. And no way am I wearing a 1970’s sun visor.  

No Botox for me yet, that I am saving for my 50th birthday!

My question: Is there a product that you can recommend to me to fight off wrinkles so I won’t hear voices in my head?   

Is it even true that hat cause hair loss?

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