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Gigi here! Would someone please tell me that there are no product application police?  I was kidding last week when I referred to the St. Ives patrol, but shopping for skin care can become pure hype.  Yes, I was born at night, but not last night!
It was hard to control my annoyance with a saleswoman at an Estee Lauder counter recently.  Where do they find these Stepford types?  I am hooked on their CP+ serum and wanted to purchase it.  The saleswoman asked, “Well, you know you absolutely must use this particular cleanser beforehand, don’t you?”  I pasted on an obedient smile and said, “Certa inly.”  Then she said, “Well, then you must follow with this” and tried to sell something else.  I lied smoothly and said, “Oh, I have that” (and I also have eighty dollars along with the $55.00 for the serum which gives me more guilt that the nuns in my elementary school).  She would not relent and “The last step to be used right before bed is our newest item.”  I almost fainted at the price.  I wanted to ask, “And what must I use at 3:00 a.m.?  Do you have a bank in mind which I should rob?”  Her facial features disappeared and all I saw was the word “COMMISSION.”

A friend of mine with flawless skin told me she enjoys Olay’s “Night Fortifying Cream” (a generous tub retails for around $14.00).  Swamped again by the number of moisturizers on drugstore shelves, I wanted to destroy the display of this item simply because of the name, telling me when to use it.  What—did I need ten other creams for this to work as well, one to layer every so many hours?  I saw an opened container of it and read the label—no other products were mentioned. That was a surprise.  And then I sniffed.  And sniffed.  And kept sniffing like a dog trained to detect drugs—Heaven!  It has a delicate, slightly floral scent.  I bought it.
The B Vitamins included serve a few purposes.  They keep skin hydrated and plumped.  At the same time, they speed the exfoliation of dead skin cells, resulting in a quickly refined appearance.  Even those with Rosacea have benefited from their use, as ruddy areas are made far less visible.  Aloe has naturally curative powers and soothes.  Green Tea does the same but also takes on the role of protecting your complexion from the sun when infused in creams, as it is in this.
Olay’s cream has a lightweight texture and soaks into your complexion quickly.  I wondered why they recommend it as a product for night, but that may be because of the huge trend in mineral makeup (just a guess on my part).  Choosing a moisturizer to wear under these powders can be challenging, as it may cause the powder to coagulate and collect in creases (of course, none of us have any, but this advice is for family or friends of ours who may).  I had an instant silky, non-greasy feel.  It remained weightless and I remained supple and soft.
The ingredients will not cause blemishes.  It works for women with oily, combination, and sensitive/dry skin.  This is a bargain, especially if you spend time in the sun or water (beware chlorine).   I used it on what I fear is becoming my “turkey neck” and my hands.  They were softened and polished!   Benefits accrue over time.  I’d like to thank Olay for not promising the moon.  It is a delight.  Pardon me, as my alarm went off.  I need to apply something, but I can’t recall what it is.


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